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Friday, May 11, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Creation Evil Motif

Darkness, the Lap of Creation

Bunches of Lifetime Hunches never forget meme, as a way to limit my control perspectives from a small identity, that suffers evil motives, the very Other Earth assumption, that makes an ass out of you and me.

A man-limit is such a small identity, co-created by small identity mirror-double woman-limit, that both limits forget any creation polarizing anomaly makes their addiction to each other seem minuscule, compared to the narcissistic hate running creation-evil rampart, that drives their limits to the xenophobic extreme of their, own Usury genocidal Other Earth Motif.

I just described my lifetime as a small man identity, so this proves I experienced another lifetime as a small identity woman limit, as if either Mortal were permanently neither, as the nemesis meme, that makes Mother Earth what we limited evil Quanta have made energy vampires out of all we, gender bigoted small identity polarizing smart asses

I, recently fell apart enough to, actually see my female nemesis, with Compassion and Unifying Lifetimes Mercy, and his experience, just about blew me away as if I was almost nauseous, and spinning into a dizzy blind Kind of kindness, Other Earth God forbid. Heart hearing took on a whole new sweet dimension, as I am granted seeing through the veil of Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal nemesis fear, and each let go to become the whole, that gender motives lose, when any limit makes us Other Earth each other from the many mini Light Packets where even mountains move into fountains without any more divisive human-need to Earth-meme any self-hate narcissism projection more.

Color is another small identity Earth meme, that evil creates, to limit our perspective of Others, and small identities seem to run evil-rampart the instant small-gender identity begins another separate lifetime illusion, from the rest of Criminal Creation evil motif.

Compassion for the woman cold-pole came with acceptance that, never seemed possible before but, better than Mercy’s Grace, what comes with this recent experience is how we never know Infinity until we experience repenting limits as a prison-rash gone viral, upon its own disappearing act into Delight Bonding Communion non-meme acceptance unborn infinity Immortal Love relief.

Can a small man experience timelessness, still addicted to woman-hate mirror-double Other Earth assumption miming limit evil? Can small woman? CAN SMALL WOMAN??? Man is it ever a pure experience of Joy to, even be able to express my small Other Earth meme woman lifetime creation evil limits, that made this lifetime Karma so damned miserable; deja vu right back at ya, assumption up the gumpstump ass out of You and Me vice versa?

Other Earth needs the blissful Nothing innocence from children Light, that plunges into our small identity limits Black Mold hunger Mortal-acid ‘thirst for more’ disease, yet Light packets keep coming, and we keep dying on the small identity lifetime vines, that hardly seems gender~reasonable if we stop and ID our Child-sacrifice Cannibal collective Monster limits?

On the Bright side in any Other Earth small identity gender-lifetimes mean-spirited limit-meme, this experience lately welcomes as many other creation anomalies as if I am at least one of everything evil, and separate all coming together for me, the mean-gender meme so far, so NOTHING can ever be separate from my memory of absolute unborn infinite Coherence, that makes a new life absolutely as benevolent as, only magnanimity can enlighten this much presumed Love-deserving kindness, and Delight Bonding Communion acceptance Pleasance, so Coherent Grand.

I guess now I am, every bit of creation, just like the whole Universe in some one else’s diamond compassion Beach of someone else’s grain of Other Earth sand, and what a surprise, that there is as much a Hologram of Time limits Unifying Nothing, as there seems to be a Hologram of all creation evil getting Nothing together deeper inside meme, than either gender can presume limits, without the other gender, to Mother Earth Ascension improve it.

As a Light body getting a little brighter, may I Nothing-speak for all Holograms to admit in surrender to absolute unborn infinity, the very Brilliant Children we put, all our meme hate on, may determine how many more small identities we suffer, until we give Children the Sovereignty that, may only come to us when we stop envy_pretending we are the ones, that need to teach children ‘something’, more small identity limiting, than their blissful innocent healing Light packet ONENESS Brilliance, Nothing already; something again?

Other Earth motives seem to, actually define narcissism, where the deaf sign for Love turns right around in your gender face, until we Earthlinger Chocolate~covered Hate-turd shitslingers understand, when we Hate ourselves more than Others, this meme defines xenophobia projection at Mother Earth’s finest “I own your sorry ass” Toxic-shame War-motif Khazarian-mafia Satanic Child-sacrifice Monster smallest-identity Life-limiting assumption-consumption. Isn’t it ridiculousy lous loud how deafening it is we know who eats children, yet we keep doing the same thing expecting different Creation-evil ‘smallest identity” Monster-results, or was it is, just future meme-motif Quantifying more evil?

When I experienced taming that recent beautiful video about the Khazarian Mafia, I couldn’t help Wondering how small infighting-gender seems the ridiculousy lous loud, and clear mirror-double mini small identity Hate-drama nano technology that, actually supports the Monster Mafia names, and faces, we all, already know about, and do nothing about it, still. Uh oh maybe this Satanic ISIS Mother mercenary Divide and Conquer shit is the same ISIS Proxy Wars, that mirror the micro to the macro, where the more personal, the more Universal meme takes the heart and soul right out of our suffering children, even before the monsters get to eat our Light Packet Progeny Saviors we, Other Earth meme, actually believe need OUR codependent-addiction smothering help.

“Creation Evil Motif” provides a platform we need to say some things that have, never been expressed, but have always been on the small identity meme minds, that only a Gypsy can rhyme into miracle lyrics, that reveal the frightened migrants, that got too close to the Monster, already in all of us staggering down the side of parking-lot tarred main highways to Other Earth mean-spirited competitive-fish in the sex-slave small-gender Kill barrel unkind-narcissist limits evil-double too to mirror-nowhere. Who knows, maybe Light is a better Nothingness no-motive Love-way to Immortal-life Flux-flow freeing-energy blend to HOLOGRAM disappear, Light Packet instant Nothing travel-free, huh?

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