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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Narcissism Earth

Famous Movie Scene: Good Will Hunting "It's Not Your Fault" HD

Psychiatrists are narcissists, as much as resentful Mothers, and alcoholics hate themselves, and the list of self-hater narcissists is as long as self-hate human population physical-roles Christ speaks about when Holy Spirit reveals how ‘small identity’ is where, all evil, and criminality comes from. Satanic Judges hate themselves, as much as soldiers, and so much no one is safe to become their hostage, any more than the slave-catcher bigoted cops, teachers, nurses, elite leaders, and lovers own each other, more as the control freaks we, all are to make sure no one becomes more Spiritual, more innocent, and more Kind, than any self-hate narcissist on Narcissism Earth.

I just Love it when a good plan comes together like reversing a Satanic governMENTAL Psychiatric-executioner control freak’s definition of their, own self love-inverse to the Child-sacrifice misunderstood Mother self-hate mirror-double iconic extreme. I am a narcissist, as much as any Mother is a narcissist, and there is no way any Narcissism Earth self-hater can pretend we are separate, just the way Karmic-dissonance pretends half of us become the victim hostage Supply, because everyone of we, authoritarian centralization abused children play both the narcissist-role and the mirror-double hostage Supply-role half-life after half-life, until Atomic nuclear cell-division DNA Narcissism Earth degeneration makes all Earth narcissism malevolence disappear into Spiritual Sovereign Kind Singularity benevolence, just by not appearing here any more.

What does my Son put up with his Mother-replication divorced wife-narcissist for, as she self-hate projects all her childhood abuse out onto him, and their poor children and, even her narcissist-supply Mother is so scared of her Monster-daughter, it’s all she can do, is to force the suicidal children to be more ‘careful’ to do everything the Monster screams at them to do against their own innocent will. My Son was abused by a Satanic cult in deaf school that was claimed to be a, mere sex abuse distraction-case, no more deep than that, and as a Satanically abused abandoned orphan at birth the State paid silent-money to keep the focus on sex-abuse, just like the Vatican claims sex-abuse is the problem, not Cannibalism in all their underground tunnels, all over the Narcissism Earth unholy putrid self-hatred World.

“Son” is watching his narcissistic Monster-wife drive their children to their own suicide, and little does he realize she is holding him too, as her best hostage supply, just like his Mother Monster did right in front of ‘me’ before. Now there is no question in anyone’s mind-control mind how ‘my’ Mother Monster held me as her narcissism hostage Supply so “Son”, and I now, even have another thing to “It’s not our fault” enjoy in Delight Bonding Communion, thank you God. He will, never know who his Father is, any more than I will ever know who my Father is, and this bonding commonality is a, mere pittance shared-relief, compared to the Narcissism Earth commonality Mother Narcissism Earth supply is ‘timeless reverie’ Communing for us lately.

I am grateful to watch all his suffering helplessness, even though it kills us both to watch what Mothers do, and get away with in the name of the Psychiatrist-reverse handy dandy Love/Hate inverse Satanic governMENTAL justification thingeedoo. Instead of focusing on my Son’s Son’s latest suicidal ideation crisis, we focused on how my Son is doing himself everything any man can do when he is up against the Narcissism Earth Mother BS where, we, even name half our Earth with the Mother half a longer swear, that defines their other Supply-half Narcissism Earth male-losers, all.

I understand how much, any Narcissist will possibly enjoy reading this Mother self-hate victory for the Dark, but suffice it to say anything we can feel, we can heal, so watch out you Mothers who blame others for, all your own self-hate projections running Narcissism Earth Satanic Child-sacrifice “Son”-rampart. Every one of my relationships were with female Narcissistic mind-control handlers, so I have moved 55 times in as many relationships it takes to withdraw enough to, even be able to trust I, really know what I am talking about with my “Son”, and his suicidal “Son” too. We agree we had become do desensitized to the Mother-narcissist main Earth physical-role, that we couldn’t, even watch our addiction drama Queens, without shutting our innocence down, over, and over in as many desperate Bastard-orphan Karmic homeless imprisonment male-moves.

Another unwritten rule on Narcissism Earth is how a man can get a home as long as he has a female Narcissist to supply her with his addiction to further his Mother-abuse right onto this suffering Earth experience, but veterans living on the streets is not, so much about the Satanic VA collusion with the Mentally ill Government Satanic bureaucrat, as it is about not being able to be in a Supply relationship any more, with a female narcissistic handler, so he doesn’t deserve a home, if he isn’t going to give it to another Hitlery type president Satanic Queen Man-hate child-killer.

Since this planet is Narcissism Earth by name, then there is no place on Earth that any man can go, except to go inside where Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing replaces, all physical-role needy addictions, just like Christ did, and is reported to forgiveness-reveal upon his last Kind-breath outta here, about ‘we don’t know what we did, do will’, until we experience letting go relief in Motherless timeless reverie non-supply addiction Narcissism self-hate handler mind-control on the long approval-list of Satanic control freak judgMENTAL minions.

While I was watching that lovely video yesterday about Innocent children, in tears, it occurred to me that any Satanic narcissist wouldn’t be able to watch it too long, but later what comes is, even more drastic to me. What if the naive among us can’t realize, that most Satanists would, actually enjoy watching that much innocence, as if they would breath a sigh of hunger-relief just knowing there is enough Narcissism Earth Hope-supply to feed a female bitter-army of Mothers to be at Home Alone, without any more men, or children to have to MAMA Law Crown/Vatican/DC Narcissism Mom Sex Kid Cop Rob Rot Posse-worship hate-swat like dead innocent bothersome Watermelon-flies.

My Mother and My Grandmother, her Mother-in-law, never thought I would, ever live long enough to talk, because the main Narcissism unwritten rule on Narcissism Earth is to, not talk, not think, and not feel. Another worse unwritten rule is, never let any man Love children more than most codependent Mothers can, because that, in and of itself would change the nature of Earth so we would have to change the ‘long list’ name to Narcissism Earth, Ascension instead. I have held back my revelations, until we seemed to become ready rough-less enough to be able to Hear about this much Kindness revealed, as our main thing in common, that is killing all of us.

The more personal, the more Universal, and that’s something we won’t experience on fan-base selfie-Narcissism approval-seeking Collective face book Narcissism Earth Consciousness mind-control BS with a PHD, so high there would be no man-septic left to watch his children suffer any more. The way, all silent-men do this is to, just barely survive homeless imprisonment from Patsy-birth, through soldier-sacrifice to Patsy-death, the same as my Son and I enlighten compassionate acceptance, and Unify Karmic lifetimes role-reversal Mercy within forgiveness Delight Bonding Communion benevolent freedom, to talk, to think, and to feel good about, even feeling this Delight Bonding Communion bad.

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