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Thursday, May 31, 2018

How the Earth's Climate Works




It is a bit lengthy BUT you cannot prosecute your argument if you cut facts, history or evidentiary material in half.

Climate Change Alarmists worked by using half-truths like a half-brick, they could throw it further and it hit harder—now they have been exposed.

The truth is in this paper for all to read—the lies and deceit have come to an end, sadly many politicians were sucked-in by the plausible distortions and wasted many millions on renewables and now have the nation in a serious power shortage that requires immediate expenditure on new modern, highly efficient and clean coal fired power stations.


As few people really understand the factual workings of natural Changing Climate and its impact upon our lifestyle, farming food production and our nation, this is provided from published science facts and from what was taught at school, for your better understanding.

You may find it very interesting.

This is an educational and information paper covering all aspects of Climate Change, please give a little of your time to read it as it will enable a full understanding of the ‘Earth’s Climate Factory’, and good education for your children.

Everyone has an opinion but when asked, cannot explain the thermodynamics of how the minute amount of CO2 at 0.0397% of the atmosphere can drive climate change up or down? Simply it cannot.

Many wrongly believe if you explain the workings of CO2 then you support pollution. We have a major pollution problem that must be dealt with, but CO2 is not part of the problem – it is the diversion. Its important life giving benefits is next to oxygen. Thoughtless people have been fooled into allowing it to be demonised as a tool to hide the real and serious world pollution problems and reducing oxygen levels.


1. It all started as Global-Warming, when statistics showed there was no warming outside normal variations it morphed into Climate-Change. We asked many vociferous folk including MP’s, PhDs and Academia when they had become aware of this calamity, they said ‘Only of recent times when it was drawn to their attention’.

2. Changing climate is a natural part of how the earth works—it is always changing. Had people been raised in the country they would have known about earth’s constant climatic changes and how land is cultivated, all crops are planted and harvested according to seasonal climate changes: Likewise with stock breeding programs, spring lambing, shearing times, dairy cattle calving and lactation, fruit and nut tree flowering and vegetable harvests. The ‘Earth’s Climate Factory’ has always been changing since time began and will continue to do so forever. If climate change was anything other than normal at this point in time, the first to notice and take action would have been our rural population as their incomes depend on it—but it is still within normal fluctuation ranges: Ask your rural colleagues.

3. There are no climate-change problems outside normal seasonal parameters and global cycles.

4. Just 12,000 years ago, undisputed geological evidence shows that all of North America up to the Arctic regions were under a sheet of ice, estimated to have been from 2 to 3 kilometres thick—it has warmed since then

5. The great Pleistocene ice age lasted from 110,000 years to 14,700 years ago. There followed four cycles of warm interglacial periods in between—global warming interrupted by cooling through to the Minoan warming of 3500 - 3200 years ago when early civilisation flourished. That was followed by Bronze Age cooling (3200 - 2500 years ago), the Roman warming (500 BC to 535 AD) , then a cooling cycle from

535 - 900 AD when the world slipped into the Dark Ages. Then the Medieval warming cycle emerged from 900 - 1300 AD, then the Little Ice Age (1300 - 1850 AD) and today the current warming cycle. From the Little-Ice-Age to the Mediaeval Warm Period CO2 neither led nor followed temperature variations, it had no impact in either direction.

6. Science believes the cause was heavy volcanic activity and reduced sun spots (heat) allowing cosmic radiation to create a cooling cloud blanket: When solar activity increased the earth warmed—CO2 had no impact in either direction.

7. Gas bubbles in deep ice cores have allowed scientists to identify the composition of the atmosphere over very long periods, showing that in the last five global warmings over the past half a million years, the temperature rises occurred on average 800 years before any rise in atmospheric carbon. They show much higher CO2 than now was very common substantiated by archaeological evidence of plants growing larger leaves and vigorous growth with higher CO2. With slightly increased CO2 Australia’s grain crops have increased.

8. CO2 is not a pollutant it is an important plant food, our current levels have depleted to 0.0397% and coral, plants, forests and the food chain are the worse for it. How is it possible for this important life sustaining CO2 to be manipulated in people’s minds and its life giving benefits reversed to the extent it is now demonised—it clearly shows the frailty of illogical minds – and dangers to future generations.

9. When looking at industrial CO2 emissions they do not differentiate the dangerous contaminates in the same emissions— many people are confounding carbon dioxide with other air pollutants that come from factory fumes and car exhausts. Real air pollution is a serious problem, but regulating and reducing CO2 will not offer relief from this issue. How convenient to ignore the big problems and blame the only beneficial one—removes the burden of further analysis from feeble thinking. This pathetic mindset allows the dangerous contaminants to be overlooked and excused as they continue their irreversible damage to human and plant genome. This is what the Paris accord should have been restricting not CO2.

10. CO2 is naturally occurring and essential for life, all living cells are made of carbon compounds, our protein and food is made from carbohydrate chains, everything is fuelled by carbon, we eat it and exhale it. It is the sole base of our civilisation, CO2 is plant food; vegetable growers increase CO2 in hot-houses (about 300%) increasing production by 40%; food production worldwide will increase if CO2 increases and starvation will decrease. In the Jurassic-Period CO2 was five times higher than now where life flourished.

11. During each of the last four warm interglacial periods the earth was warmer than now and had CO2 up to ten times higher. The CO2 originates from the natural chemical processes of rocks and volcanoes, from 1,581 land volcanoes and 3.47 million undersea volcanoes—estimated that 139,096 are active. These release huge volumes of CO2 in violent eruptions from great depths blasting kilometres high under oceans, where the massive pressure of water causes pools of liquid CO2 on the sea floor, this occasionally rises to the surface increasing atmospheric CO2.

12. Many do not understand the Gakkel Ridge an underwater mountain chain 1,800 kilometres long from Greenland to Siberia under the Arctic-Ice is afire continuously oozing molten rock forming a new crust. In the valley the two 12 km wide coastal plates are coming apart causing serious volcanic activity with red-hot magma rising from deep inside the Earth has blown the tops off dozens of submarine volcanoes four kilometres below the ice where eruptions as big as the one that buried Pompeii took place in 1999 with massive CO2 discharge—an estimated 139,096 are active.

13. In 1883 the eruption of Krakatoa one of the worst geologic disasters of modern times making the loudest sound ever recorded, the ash affected the climate for many years filtering enough Sun and heat that global temperatures fell for several years causing seven years of fruit, vegetable and grain crop failures with starvation across many lands. Plagues swept many areas, tree rings didn’t show normal growth for fifteen years. CO2 emissions were massive, but the Earth became cool not warmer.

14. Water vapour is the most potent greenhouse gas—96%. Less cloud produces warmer temperatures, not CO2. Climate Change is governed by hundreds of variable factors not just CO2. There have been Ice-Ages when CO2 was many times higher than now. From the Little-Ice-Age to the Mediaeval Warm Period CO2 neither led nor followed temperature variations, it had no impact in either direction.

15. Super volcanoes Campi Flegrei (Italy 36,000 year ago, now active again) devastate much of Europe and Yellowstone (US 640,000 years ago, swelling up again) produced the two biggest eruptions equal to Krakatoa; Yellowstone 640,000 years ago ejected 8,000 times more ash and lava than Mount St. Helens.

Iceland volcano eruption (2012) caused havoc over Europe, Philippines Mnt Pinatubo (1991) blasted ash and gas for three days, Hawaii's Kilauea continues erupting since 1983, and Alaskas Pavlof; Toba caldera in North Sumatra, Sakurajima Japan, Pacana Chile, Popocatepetl & Colima Mexico, New Zealand's Taupo caldera, Indonesia Mnt Sinabung and many others under oceans are all still releasing CO2 in massive amounts the Earth’s natural capacities are able to cope with. Just one major volcano has produced more CO2 than man has ever produced—the current amount of CO2 (0.0397%) is irrelevant compared to natural and volcanic emissions.

16. Plants need a much higher amount for the healthy survival of the food chain. CO2 is the molecule of life for greening our planet, any straightforward examination of the thermodynamics render it impossible for CO2 to heat the climate. It is impossible to measure volcanic CO2, several tried with mythical figures fanatics are still quoting.

17. How is it possible for so many to be brainwashed into believing the impossible and demonising CO2? The low analytical ability shown on this issue by so many is of serious concern for our future gene pool. (The Lancet 12-3-2014 ‘Fluoride Neurobehavioural toxicity causes AHDT & lower IQ in the foetus and children resulting in lower intelligence and analytical ability’). Is fluoride brain damage a causative factor?

18. While Australian temperatures are high to the current generation they are not unusual to the older folk, in 1915 the Murray River dried up—it has never done that since. Explorer, Charles Sturt’s Records show in 1828 it was a blistering 53.9 °C. In January 1896 a savage blast “like a furnace” stretched across Australia from east to west and lasted for weeks. The death toll reached 437 people in the eastern states. Newspaper reports showed that in Bourke the heat approached 120°F (48.9°C) on three days—long before industrialisation. Current high temperatures are within normal range. Several prominent Russian Scientists have predicted the northern hemisphere will be in an ice-age mid-century where winters are now longer and colder--the world average is cooling.

19. Earth’s natural weather cycles need to be recognised and understood. Every 100,000 years Earths obit changes from elliptical to circular and we have a cycle of about 90,000 years of cold and 10,000 of warm Every 43,000 years the axis changes slightly and every 21,000 years Earth gets a bit of a wobble. With each of those orbits can put us a bit further from the Sun. This effects the Earth’s internal molten mantel waves causing the surface to bulge affecting the level of sea floor, gravitational spin (1,670 kmh) causes an equatorial bulge of 8 kms—4kms each side, ocean currents, temperatures and weather patterns, land rises and falls changing the ocean levels—it is how the earth factory works.

20. Factors effecting Earth temperature are varied and complex—that raging nuclear furnace in the sky—
‘The Sun’—has always controlled global warming and cooling. The tilt of the Earth’s axis (obliquity of the ecliptic) defines the seasons in temperate climates. The elliptical orbit of Earth can vary up to five per cent, which effects the solar radiation that strikes the Earth from aphelion to perihelion (furthest and nearest) and surface temperature. Years ago the Sahara Desert and Central Australia had forests due to the axis tilt which reverses at regular intervals; it is long overdue for the tilt to change.

21. When supernovas collapsed millions of years ago they discharged subatomic particles, these Cosmic-rays consistently strike Earth, when they meet water-vapour rising from the oceans they cause the formation of water droplets—making clouds. When Sun-spots form, which are massive nuclear reactions many times larger than the Earth (that can cause electrical blackouts) with intense magnetic fields causing solar-winds which swirl around the Earth, these solar-winds deflect the Cosmic-rays from striking Earth which result in less cloud formation and more heat from the Sun warms the Earth. It is the friction of the sola-winds sliding across the atmosphere that creates the Aurora’s, the dancing lights in the sky.

22. When there are less Sun-spots, more Cosmic-rays reach Earth, more clouds are formed and less Sun gets through and the Earth cools—it is the Sun that drives climate change. We cannot change the Sun—the intensity of the Suns magnetic field has more than doubled in the 20th Century; coupled with massive undersea volcanic activity and CO2 discharge and you have ocean temperature changes affecting ocean currents and weather patterns—and there is nothing we can do about it except record it. Miniscule variations of CO2 are not in the equation, they are irrelevant. Yet many cannot grasp that simple axiom. Reality is a great teacher of the wise—nothing teaches fools.

23. The current CO2 of 380 ppm is at the lowest level ever recorded in history.


We have explained researched facts on the ‘Earth’s Climate Factory’ and its relationship with CO2 in past times and each of the last four warm interglacial periods where the earth was warmer than now and had CO2 up to ten times higher. From the Little-Ice-Age to the Mediaeval Warm Period CO2 neither led nor followed temperature variations, it had no impact in either direction. We have shown the undeniable control over heating by cosmic radiation and cooling by sun-spots creating solar winds; we have explained earth’s natural weather cycles, rotation factors and equatorial bulge causing flooding of low lying land that has nothing whatsoever to do with CO2. If Australia shuts down it will never make any measurable difference.

25. We must re-think this unfounded nonsense demonising of CO2, and maintain electrical needs with reduced pollution, without spending unnecessary millions and cause havoc with extremely high power costs of renewables forcing a very destructive financial burden upon the people.


26. Many Climate researchers are heavily locked into their career supporting a theory, they have a heavy vested interest to maintain the myth and consider their salaries, grants and future employment their families rely on, should they change perspective they would end their career. The alarming point is not so much that historic data and facts prove CO2 is beneficial, it is the mental attitude of theorists who believe only ‘they’ have a right to an opinion and scream, shout and physically attack critics and seek to impose their thinking and censorship violently on others in increased maniacal desperation. Their belief has consumed their intelligence and almost become a fanatical modern-day Climatology religion (Scientology).

27. Demonstrably most experts are only experts in a relatively narrow field. The angrier they are, the more likely it is they suspect they are wrong.

28. Climate Change Obsession And High Debts Therefrom

We identify these problems hereunder.

Such has created very serious repercussions upon our nation, with politicians and others loosing reality perspective causing unnecessary and unwarranted MASSIVE DEBT that we have to pay for, this nonsense diversion of massive funding into renewables away from education, health and infrastructure will set Australian back decades—that future generations must pay for when the political creators of this illogical debt will have long since retired on luxurious pensions. Maybe readers should be asking some very blunt questions of politicians and demanding answers.

The fictitious nonsense about CO2 has resulted in serious failure to provide adequate electrical generation supply for the nation, we identify associated problems and failures.

The reader either identifies facts and acts accordingly or continues to swallow the myths forcefully presented by alarmists to the serious financial and manufacturing detriment of Australia.

29. Australia’s Electrical Needs.

Australia’s power needs can only survive by building new high-tech clean coal fired power stations, our current power stations are all twenty year old antiquated systems, we have many high-tech revolutions in this industry where we have the designs and technology to build new clean modern highly efficient power stations and must do so to meet base-load demands—or accept long periods of ‘black-outs’ and industry leaving Australia. Power Station ‘Unit Controllers’ have to increase power from 50 cycles per second every morning to cope with peak load as industry starts-up, home loading occurs (lights, heaters/ AC’s, cooking), cities start up and train/transport loadings rise; by days end the cycles reduce below 50 and have to be brought back up to keep systems accurate and on time, balanced cycles are critical for automated systems, regulators, clocks etc. Renewable power sources cannot meet peak demands and safety systems may fail.

30. “The Australian” (Michael Owen 26 July 2016) “Renewable energy output in Australia is subsidized by almost $3 billion a year, more than 19 times the amount for generation from fossil fuels”. Families, Business, Industry and Government cannot afford this expense and survive.

31. The Paris Accord 2017.

No 1. Polluter. China the worst polluter can continue to increase CO2 emission by 50%. Already

producing 20 times more that Australia and 30% of world pollution with no commitment to reductions for 15 years and estimated to be producing over 50 - 60% of world emissions by 2030.

No. 2 The US is out.

No 3. India can double its pollution.

No 4. Russia can increase its pollution.

China, Japan (45) and India are investing massively in new high-tech ultra-low emission coal-fired power stations using Australian coal, if sales are blocked they will purchase elsewhere. Australia is providing the coal, so are actually contributing to their pollution—if any from high-tech systems. It is hypocritical to place carbon costs upon Australian industries and devastate our economy with massive costs upon voting families. Export coal sales negate any reduction effort made here: Standard practices of many nations will continue with rampant cheating with no explicit enforcement mechanisms in the accord. So 2

32. DEBT RIDDEN AUSTRALIA IS EXPECTED TO SUBSIDISE ALL THE ABOVE AND OTHER DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. To the total detriment of our families who are struggling to pay power bills—many families with children are now are without power; business and industry power costs are to multiply into millions forcing them to go overseas to either US or one of the subsidises counties, while Australians become unemployed and could lose your home. This is total stupidity and will force voters away from mainstream parties to survive financially.

33. Australia has agreed to contribute $200 million to UN Green Climate Fund—Why? Money we do not have—this offer must be rescinded immediately—it is an insult to struggling families who vote.

34. Our Total National Debt is currently $463+ BILLION and ever increasing by the minute: We pay $15.1+ BILLION in Interest each year: OUR MONEY paid by OUR TAXES that should be used for Australia—it is incompetent stupidity to borrow money with massive interest payments – and give it away placing future generations in debt. That is irrational stupid financial management—let us asks politicians to give away their own money—instead of ours, and listen to them bellow.

35. We give away $5.3 billion in overseas aid to countries (some recipients openly hate us teaching we are the white trash of Asia) and paying other unnecessary overseas organisation and the UN many more millions.

36. BORROWING MILLIONS TO GIVE IT AWAY: Is stupidity. We have NO obligation to the Paris Agreement and other countries corrupt poor governance: Or to many international agreements that enable illegal acts and breeches of our law by aliens and boat people who refused to leave and return home thus creating the situation as ‘agents provocateur’ then sue us for damages when we uphold our law, such payments are ‘Proceeds of Crime’ and must be confiscated—we cannot afford these massive costs we were railroaded into by bureaucratic jargon and nonsense, and should exit all international agreements that are detrimental to our best interests. We cannot afford them and do not need them.

37. Misguided opinions must not put further debt upon our nation – Where are the good men and women prepared to stand and defend the people from further unnecessary debts upon our nation?

38. Australia cannot afford to subsidise other countries problems – it is not our responsibility: The cost of which will send us broke. We are borrowing millions and paying millions per week in interest, to give it away—that is incompetent stupidity: If YOU do that you will go broke and lose your home, car, assets or business—where are politicians basic fiscal understanding? We need a moratorium on all overseas expenditures, payments, donations and grants of public funds, immediately. Parliament must act in the people’s best interests, for once political parties MUST put the people of Australia ABOVE all others to clear our massive debt which is near crisis point, and will inevitably force interest rates upwards where many will risk losing their homes and employment.

39. Many argue Australia is a rich country, is it? We could have been if we had government and opposition with some fiscal expertise, instead we have political activists, political staffers, big egos and mates entering parliament, with few real intelligent, innovative, business experience or practical forward planners with the dream of a better Australia in lieu of those who dream only of better pay and pensions.

40. Look at our current national and personal debts, we are close to a major recession that will have devastating effects on commerce, industry, education, medical services, food supply and employment—anyone old enough to remember the Great Depression caused by war, or Financial Recessions? Whole families slept and lived in the streets and begged for food and charities could not help—there was no money, and theft was rife just to feed your family. When we wrote about coming recessions years ago we were ridiculed—but they came shortly thereafter.

41. NOTE:

A personal opinion is what we think based on superficial information, prejudices, biases and beliefs.

A professional opinion is based totally on facts however unpalatable.

Will the reader dismiss the aforementioned facts or learn from them?

42. It is up to you whether you can believe indelible facts and exercise wise judgement.

If not, you will be forced to default to false opinions of others.

As always, it is a matter of choice.

43. “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled” . Mark Twain

44. Experts

Most experts are only experts in a relatively narrow field.

The angrier they are, the more likely it is they suspect they are wrong.

Because their reputation, status and income may be at stake, it is very difficult for experts to change their minds. Prof Peter Saunders 2015.

CO2 for plants

The current CO2 level of 380 ppm is at the extreme low end of the past 600 million years. Plants and therefore most life will die if CO2 falls below 180 ppm. Plants thrive at 1,200 ppm.

Most plants, especially the complex vascular plants evolved in the last 300 million years. The average level of atmospheric CO2 over that period was approximately 1200 ppm.

In the last 30 years CO2 fertilisation correlated with an 11 per cent increase in foliage cover across parts of the arid areas studied in Australia, North America, the Middle East and Africa, See-

To live in a lush green clean world we actually need 3x present CO2 levels ~ 1,200ppm…..ask a botanist.

See the effects of Plant growth at 450 & 1270 ppm CO2 –

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