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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Indictments Unsealed a Month Before the Midterm Election

Arthur Briefing: Rumor – “Indictments Unsealed a Month Before the Midterm Election”

May 16, 2018

Source: Dauntless Dialogue | By Adam Riva

Q recently emphatically announced that the Alliance is only officially leaking intel through Q and that any other sources should be regarded as fake news. Additionally, Q insists there are many who are faking connections with the Alliance to profit and grow their channels.

While I don’t know if Q was referring directly to me, we can all agree that at the very least this includes me. When I read this, I felt sick to my stomach and deeply contemplated if what I have been doing has been hurting more than helping. For this reason, I have been emotionally wrestling with posting anything related to my source.

Jordan Sather did a great job recently covering these remarks in a video entitled “Stay the Course” and he seems to think that Q is referring to Alex Jones for not doing a great job with Q’s information and Q is also referring to the anti-Q crowd that is currently growing and spreading narratives that Q is illegitimate.

On April 27th, David Wilcock wrote the following on his website,

“There is an ongoing roster of impersonators who want to pretend to be real insiders as well. If I don’t discuss them, it’s because they didn’t pass our vetting process.

If you think I haven’t heard of someone, believe me, I have. Repeatedly.

99.9 percent of “new insiders” will turn out to be fraudulent. It’s a sad fact at this point. We can easily “vet out” the real ones and they are extremely rare.

With that being said, one of my policies is “we do not hang our own.”

I will gladly go after billionaires, politicians, CEOs, pedophiles and satanists, as well as producers and directors of Deep State propaganda masquerading as entertainment. However, I will almost never turn against fellow researchers or even wannabe insiders by name.”

Regardless of whether these criticisms include my work here at Dauntless Dialogue, I believe the most honest and scholarly thing to do is to address these criticisms directly and not pretend as though they don’t exist.

As far as capitalizing on disclosure, it’s true that I do hope to grow my channel to reach more people. However, I’m not trying to profit from any of this. I have informed people how they can support my content if they choose to but that is entirely different and to date I’ve sold a handful of tee shirts which hasn’t amount to much financially.

To address Q’s assertion that the Alliance has chosen to officially engage with the public through Q’s posts, I have decided to not refer to Arthur as an “Alliance Insider” from this point forward. Although this may directly result in my videos getting less views and probably less subscribers, I want everything I do here at Dauntless Dialogue to be above board to maintain the trust that I have humbly earned from my audience.

In no way, shape, or form am I trying to leverage this information for popularity. I have always shared what I have because I want to help disclosure along – not for personal reasons or ego. Public speaking is my biggest fear. I do this because I want to serve humanity.

There are many brave men and women risking their lives within the Alliance and I want to ensure that my journalism is both transparent and helpful. From this point forward, I will be sharing Arthur’s information merely for your consideration as a curious source within the Black Ops community who has some personal insights. His personal insights do not reflect any official stance of the Alliance.

I say all of this with full awareness that many people will jump ship and abandon my channel or claim that this is an admission that it is fake news. I have a strong feeling many will lose faith in Arthur or in myself. Of course, it is my hope that you understand the difficult position I am in and I hope my audience and the Alliance sees that I am acting earnestly to do the right thing.

Just to be clear, I am publicly stating that Arthur does not speak on behalf of the Alliance although he claims to be affiliated with it. Having said that, I still believe the things Arthur shares with me are mostly valid and I believe Arthur is coming from a good place as well.

However, it is imperative that I mention that Arthur has officially been warned by his superiors for disclosing too many specifics and for drawing attention to exact timelines which is unacceptable. In short, Arthur was reprimanded for sharing certain things with me, as you will see towards the end of today’s conversation.

I believe Q is both legitimate and has security clearance very high above Arthur. I believe this is abundantly clear because of the level of specificity that Q shares and many of the accurate predictions that have come to pass. By comparison, I think we can all agree that the content Arthur shares is much more superficial and inconsequential. While he is certainly in the thick of it, I believe he is compartmentalized and therefore does not have access to certain aspects of the bigger picture.

Having said that, here are four independent points I have selected out of many that lead me to believe (outside of my friendship with him) that Arthur also has legitimate intel.

On December 6th, I shared a briefing Arthur gave me that said the Alliance is in Stage 4 of 5. On March 22nd, I shared a briefing where Arthur discussed the Alliance was shifting into Stage 5 of 5. The following day after I shared this publicly, Q confirmed that Stage 5 of 5 had commenced. How would Arthur (or myself, if I was making this up) know the timeline or that there were even 5 stages to begin with? Again, this was nearly 4 months before Q made this public.

On February 14th, I shared a briefing from Arthur that said the following: “Well here’s what’s coming. There’s going to be a truth act that’s going to come through the FCC and you’re going to lose your license if what you print is not evidentiary fact because it’s a threat to national security.” Since that time, multiple reports of the Trump administration have confirmed this is up for consideration. See the following example:

On March 9th, I shared a briefing where Arthur stated, “When you look up in the sky and no longer see chemtrails, you will know the Deep State has been defeated.” In April, journalist David Seaman claims that his sources within the Alliance informed him that a major victory had been achieved against the Deep State and that they have been able to stop the majority of chemtrail spraying. Many people have also noticed minimal or zero spraying of chemtrails in many places across the country over the past month. Yes, there is still spraying going on in some areas and some people have not noticed any change in their area. Although this is anecdotal, I can confirm that there have been no chemtrails in my region for several weeks.

On December 14th, I shared a briefing where Arthur stated, “We’re putting together a coalition. There’s a chance we’re going to see a new gold-backed currency worldwide to get rid of the United States Treasury and Federal Reserve.” Months after this announcement, multiple articles have confirmed this is in the works for the Trump administration.

As far as myself, a lot of people have asked for more information about who I am or how I came into contact with Arthur. All of that is answered in a video I uploaded entitled Q&A: Answering Your Questions About Arthur. There is plenty of information about me, and my body of work over the years should speak for itself. Ultimately, it is about the message, not the messenger.

As always, I remind my audience to exercise discernment with my content and to weigh it in the balance of your own independent research. Do not necessarily take anything here as fact. Dauntless Dialogue does not agree with, believe, or condone everything that Arthur shares with us.

Before we get started, I just want to announce that my podcast, Dauntless Dialogue, is now available on iTunes. I have some exciting episodes and special guests lined up. Please check it out and subscribe.

Let me ask you something about what we spoke about over a month ago. We spoke about the Inspector General’s report and there were supposed to be a number of high profile arrests. There were something like seventeen people whose heads were on the chopping block, whose heads were going to roll. Why haven’t we seen that yet?

Arthur: “Here’s why. Trump is educating the people. What I told you was accurate at the time I told it to you. It’s not that it was wrong, per se. The timeline changed. What we are worried about is the fact that rednecks don’t vote. How do you keep people engaged until November 8th? You drag out the process, you have your indictments unsealed a month before the midterm election, give or take. The stuff is ready to go.”

So, that’s a decision that’s been made? You’re saying that thirty days before the vote, these actions are taken?

Arthur: “Here’s what you know. I do psychological profiles. I do military personnel magnification. I do all these things. Do you agree or disagree that your average voter will remember months later if something was to be taken care of today? [Uses an accent] “Well, shoot, it’s all under control, I don’t have to go vote.”

There’s discussion that thirty days before the vote, Trump is going to step on a whole bunch of heads. That’s not a prediction, but it’s on the table. You have all of the House and 35 seats up for the Senate. If the rednecks don’t get out and vote, we could lose the House and the Senate.”

Let’s say that’s plausible. Here’s my biggest complaint with that plan. All of these evil people are walking free until then. There’s people who are a risk to society, there’s people who are a risk to national security, there’s people who are a risk to the Constitution and personal liberties, there’s pedophiles… The patriots want to see these people behind bars. People who are in my camp, people who are following Q and doing their own research, we’re starting to get fucking tired. We want to see things followed through on.

Arthur: “I’m more sick and tired than you are, believe me. But, I’m an IO so I look at the intelligence operations of this. Everyday, we’re discovering more and more people.

I don’t know if this is leaked by Q Anon yet, but one of Obama’s closest informants in his regime just turned state’s evidence. She just went to Trump and said, “You know what happened to [indiscernible] in Benghazi?” Trump said, “Yeah. Obama sent 416 tons of our special forces’ weapons that were supposed to go to our SEAL teams and operatives in Africa, he loaded them up and took them to Turkey and Syria.” She says, “Yeah, how did know that?” Trump said, “We knew that. We’ve been waiting for it. Also, I know the operatives and I know that’s why they killed everybody in Benghazi.” And this woman said, “Well if know all of this, then why didn’t you prosecute it?” Trump said, “Because you didn’t come forward and we didn’t have the proof. Now I have proof of Obama’s treason. Now I have evidence on Hillary Clinton.”

If you know a ship is going to sink in a couple of years, you learn how to swim. If you know it’s going to sink in an hour, you start looking for a life raft.”

Do you know if there are any leakers left in his cabinet?

Arthur: “Most of them are gone. Tillerson was bad news. Tillerson is Illuminati. The three generals were bad news. Trump had to keep sorting them out. What did he figure out? He figured out three generals were bad, Tillerson had infiltrated, he figured out who lied, cheated, stole, he figured out who he could trust and who he couldn’t. He’s getting more people and data.

On the national stage, we just saw Schneiderman fall. He sued Trump something like six times going back to 2013. Trump has a good memory. If I had to put money on it I would say Cuomo and Brown will be the next to fall. When they’re gone, sanctuary cities will be history.

Remember when I told you Weiner had the life insurance folder? It had the Cabal, ISIS, child trafficking, cannibalism, pay for play, everything on Hillary, and so much more. They’re all going down.

John McCain gave multiple speeches saying how bad America is. You can find them on the internet. He gave proprietary military information to the Russians and to the Chinese. John McCain is no hero. He was a source of information that killed thousands of good men in Vietnam. That son of a bitch gave a dossier from MI6 back to Hillary Clinton. You know all of this, but this Satanic civil war we are in behind the scenes – we’ve been in a military coup since 2015.”

Can we circle back to what’s going on with Guantanamo Bay? There’s mixed opinions about its expansion and the executive order Trump signed.

Arthur: “A lot. There’s a rumor that 40,000 Marines have been trained to pick up 10,000 people. But I don’t know if this is confirmed or when it will happen.

To be an Intelligence Operative you have to study all history of warfare, all technology, the food system, human psychological profiles, human behavior under stress and duress, the family unit, the tribe, who’s going to stick together, and who will remain faithful to who, the validity of different sources of information, there’s a lot of variables. All intelligence is a multitude of variables and it is all liquid.”

This is the first war if its kind. Historically, there was one battlefront, or at least the war was acknowledged. Now, it’s a shadow war, woven into corporations, the economy, law enforcement, public education, social media, and the public has no idea that people are fighting and dying.

Arthur: “Let’s cover some ground. North Korea was a win. George Bush transferred enough weapons before he pulled out of Iran so that Israel can smoke everybody on that peninsula. All of them, bombed, gone. We don’t even have to go over there.

Jerusalem has been a site of controversy for 3,000 to 5,000 years. Several places have been fought over for a long time. There are a few counties in India that are radioactive from 6,000 years ago. We know because of the half life of plutonium. People who live there have radiation poisoning. That was long before India ever had a nuclear bomb. There was a war fought there by advanced space craft. That’s all I will say about that.

Let’s say Israel and Jerusalem are other points of energy. I don’t know if it is terrestrial, religious, or cosmic, I don’t know. But three religions have been fighting over that same mound of dirt for a long time.

What Trump did is what seven other presidents say they would do – to transfer the United States’ embassy to Jerusalem. Trump has focused the energy.

The state sponsor of terrorism over there was Obama, to the tune of one trillion dollars given to ISIS, Al Qaeda, Pakistan, Boko Haram, North Korea. Iran is exporting missiles. Where is their technology for the missiles coming from? The Germans are making a fucking fortune conveying American technology from our military bases in Germany to the Mullahs of Iran. This is very profitable for Germany, and Merkel is behind it. Germany has our technology for sale. They’re supplying them with our rockets, our sparrows, our handheld stuff that can go 13,000 feet and shoot things down.

So some of the missiles that have started to come into Israel and into Jerusalem got iron-domed. Well, we’ve had that technology for fifty years, that’s also in outer space. Missiles aren’t getting in. We’re shooting them down, picking them off. Remember when they said, “Well, maybe these scuds will get in and kill somebody”? Not anymore they don’t. They don’t get into the iron dome of Jerusalem.

So there is a technology war going on over there where Germany and Merkel think they can take over the Mid East if they can play along with Russia so that the Sykes-Picot Treaty of 1945 which was designed by the French and the British to make sure that the Mid East was always at war. They divided up every one of their tribal territories in two with a demarcation line. They didn’t let any tribe make their own country.

The Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission, the G8, these types of societies have been scheming to keep the world at war, to stay in control, and to keep the money flowing. Who wants the money, the power, and the control the most and what are they going to do to get it? Class dismissed.

The work that you’re doing to expose the medical system is top notch [referring to my presentation The Pharmaceutical Takeover of Healthcare and the Suppression of Natural Cures]. You’re walking the razor’s edge on academic research, common sense, and not being arrogant but being accessible.

You’ve done nothing wrong but you’re coming from a place of a decade and a half of research and you say things matter-of-factly that are going to blow some people’s minds. More than anything, you need to focus on the solutions. You don’t want to scare someone with a problem without giving them some solutions.

Before you finish with that series, you have to give them hope.”

That’s one of the things I’m remaining conscious of. In this series I’m working on, the final chapter looks at suppressed cures and medical technologies. The U.S. Patent Office has over 5,000 suppressed patents that are held back under the auspices of National Security. Well, okay, I’m sure there were some bombs or mass casualty weapons that were suppressed, but realistically the vast majority of those must be zero point energy devices, anti-gravity, teleportation, healing technologies, clean water devices, and the like.

Arthur: “A lot of it is medical technologies.”

Things like the Rife machine that kill pathogens, viruses, and bacteria with certain frequencies. They believe the average person shouldn’t have access to these technologies because it will stop the cash register. I’m not against capitalism as an approach but we need to switch the incentives. I’ve heard stories of medicine in China where doctors were only paid when their patients were healthy. Kind of like paying into an insurance plan. The moment the patients became sick, the doctors stopped getting paid. You can build a financial incentive into healthcare where money is generated off of health, not sickness. Our system is the opposite. Doctors get paid when the patient is sick. It’s a sickcare system, not a health care system.

Arthur: “That’s a very astute observation.”

You and I are exceptional creatures. We do our own research, we diagnose ourselves, medicate ourselves, and take accountability for our health. We are preventative rather than curative. There’s a fundamental difference in mindset. So many people outsource the accountability for their health to a the pharmaceutical death cult.

Arthur: “Here’s a story for you. I wish I had told you this formula.

A guy comes up to me one day and says, “I’m having trouble preserving food. We have a real problem with chicken,” and so on. I said to him, “What things in nature don’t rot?” He said, “What do you mean?” I said, “Maple syrup, honey, beans, rice. Honey has been found something like 6,000 years old. Why do these things not rot, presuming they are kept dry?”

This guy was using it for food. I said, “While you’re at it, why don’t you work on a powder that can be put on someone with an injury so they don’t get an infection? Something you could put on a body in a body bag so it won’t decompose.” He did, based on the ingredients I told him and never get me any credit for the idea. It’s non-toxic and it works.

Now it’s being used on bodies in body bags so they don’t decompose while they are flying them back.”

And is this is being used by forensic teams and law enforcement?

Arthur: “No, it’s not being used properly. It was bastardized by the military. What if the troops carried this powder with them and when they got shot, they put this solution on the hole? It’s the end of infection.

My whole knowledge with technology from science to physics is to be a force multiplier. Like Q96 given to all soldiers. It will make you as much as ten times more effective and last five times longer. It’s a force multiplier. So I can take a SEAL team of six men and effectively turn them into sixty men because they’re not going to get tired, they’re going to be able to stay operative, they’re going to get what they need for nutrition, their electrolytes, their magnetic field, everything about them is going to be normal – you might not believe me – for a period of up to five days, no sleep.

Do you have any idea what you can get done in five days, even on foot?

If one of them gets perforated in the battlefield by a projectile, you squirt this solution in their and you put some QuickClot on it and go back to work for three or four more days and you’re infection free. QuickClot is a crystalline powder that you put on a wound and it basically makes a cork so you don’t bleed out.”

And are you saying that you’ve been working with SEAL teams to basically enhance their performance, efficiency, clarity, strength, and endurance?

Arthur: “When they’ll listen. I take people and make them far more effective.”

This isn’t related to the so-called Super Solider programs, right? Because that relies on transhumanism, and the integration of technology into the body, chemical and hormonal enhancements, mind control, and gene splicing?

Arthur: “I am not in communication with that group.”

Okay, but you are aware of what I’m talking about, yes?

Arthur: “Yes. I don’t want any part of it. That’s why I’m protective of my methods, procedures, and proprietary information. I don’t want it integrated into some sort of bio-clone-chemistry-cyborg takeover.”

It definitely has dystopian ramifications, if you will.

Arthur: “Yeah. It’s bad news. What you need to do is enhance the human biologically, mentally, and spiritually to see to it that it’s not taken over by electronics.”

The mind, body, spirit connection.

Arthur: “Problems create crisis. Crisis creates opportunity. Opportunity creates cash. That’s how the other side operates.

Be careful. Unless you want people kicking in the door to your podcast room. You and I don’t often disagree.”

Usually it’s not that I disagree with what you said, but how you said it. [laughs] Are you investing in cryptos?

Arthur: “Not cryptos, no. Let’s say you have ten trillion dollars in crypto currency and an EMP goes off. How’s that working out for you? If I have one bar of gold, I’m rich and you’re poor.

However, there’s been manipulation of the gold market. What did Obama do with gold? He took it out of the New York Stock Exchange and took it to the commodities market in Chicago where Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, and [indiscernible – sounds like Vic Raines?] control it.

How long do you think gold is going to stay in the commodities exchange?”

Is Trump working on that?

Arthur: “Draw your own conclusions. If I get too far ahead of national and current events – it’s happened – I get reprimanded. I’ve had the vehicle show up outside my house four times.”

So your people are pumping the brakes with you just as you’re pumping the brakes with me.

Arthur: “You haven’t been as close to the evil as I have, Adam. And you don’t know how dedicated they are to staying in power. They’re trying to shut people like you down and you’re most effective if you’re alive and breathing.”

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