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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Jim Fetzer: Sandy Hook and March for Our Lives Permit

Those Pesky Details: Sandy Hook and March for Our Lives Permit | Jim Fetzer

MAY 26, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Some stories just won’t go away—and we include 9/11 in that. There is just so much evidence and so much proof that the accepted mainstream narrative didn’t—couldn’t—add up, that we keep hammering away at the facts years later.

Some over-zealous researchers are too eager to dismiss the “conspiracy” and further cloud the issue with incorrect facts, and WE, in the independent news community, not wanting to be the source of “fake news”, go along with the new findings and issue a correction.

Take the “March for Our Lives” permit, for example. Someone researching that suspicious event found that the permit was sought months before the event itself, indicating it was planned well in advance. Then someone else said they found evidence that it was not.

And now, Prof. Jim Fetzer, a fastidious researcher in his own right, tells us that yes, the permit WAS in motion long before the march. See Jim’s article at the link below with the details.

How ruthless a researcher is Jim? He used to publish his research at Veterans Today. One particular story he posted went against the narrative the other editors wanted to foster, Jim wouldn’t back down, and they fired him. He began an Internet radio show and told the truth he arrived at and how. Now he continues his research and shares the truth, unfettered by agendas, often guesting on other Independent Media channels like, “The Goldfish Report”.

In that particular episode of The Goldfish Report, The POTUS Report #227, Jim tells us that the Parkland School (Marjory Stoneman Douglas) in Florida actually closed early at 3 pm the day of the shooting, so the students weren’t even in class at the time. It just gets worse. They discussed the reason why there are so many school shooting false flag events now.

Jim also continues to dredge up the devil in the details around America’s favourite bone of contention—Sandy Hook. In his article published on his blog this week he will happily drown the doubters in details as to how they created fake personas with old photographs of not only grown up children—but the parents of the children. We often resemble our parents, right? He also gets into the identities of at least one shill parent. He goes deep. If you like details and you’re still grappling with the question as to whether anyone died at Sandy Hook, you may want to read it. It’s not known as “Sandy Hoax” for nothing.

Thanks to honest independent researchers and journalists like Jim Fetzer, Jim Stone, and the architects and engineers championing the 9/11 false flag under the banner AE911 Truth , the facts and the truth are known. Some simply refuse to accept it. Others just don’t have the courage to face it.

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