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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Kabamur: Arcturian Craft Sightings

Arcturian Craft

May 5th, 2018

The Great Awakening Ascension | By Kabamur_Taygeta




1. Arcturians are at nearly the same level of technology as Pleiadians.

They both use powerful Light-based technology that not all galactic races possess.

Both have Light Ships, small craft, and giant Motherships.

A clear photo of an Arcturian ship:
Small Arcturian craft seen by Gemini 10 in Earth’s orbit, 1966

2. Here is shown:

1st – Arcturian Fleet
2nd – A single Arcturian triangle craft, cloaked
3rd – Mixed GFOL fleet – Arcturian + Pleiadian

3. Cloaked Arcturian Craft:
Arcturian Craft

Gilbert, AZ – 1/3/18

4. Arcturian Craft decloaking:

5. Arcturian Mothership:

Arcturian friends.

6. More Arcturian Motherships:

Arcturian friends. These Craft are massive. They are here for meetings and to observe.

7. Arcturian Craft – Simi Valley CA – 4/2/18

first clip:

8. ‘Kumburgaz, Turkey UFO incident’ – 2009

Arcturian Craft

“…for several days disc, metallic spheres, round, and oval shaped unknown craft visited the Sea of Mar­mara just off the coast of Kum­burgaz, Turkey.”

via @CollectiveEvol(link:

9. Arcturian Craft seen in lightning bolt – Czech Republic

– Lightning is attracted to the frequency.

(Later in video, Pleiadian Craft in Brazil)

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