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Sunday, May 13, 2018

List of QAnon Analysts

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Here is a list from Kauilapele of the Q Anon analysts he likes to follow...

Kauilapele's list inspired me to update my own to share with you. I check these sources several times throughout the day (in order of priority). And of course I am constantly checking Q Anon and President Trump's Twitter...

Praying Medic
Bruce Figert
X22 Report

Citizens Investigative Report
Jordan Sather
Isaac Green
You are Free TV

Jordan Sather used to be at the top of this list, however he has not posted a Q Anon analysis video for over a week. It's a shame - he may be upset about being included in the recent Jerome Corsi/Alex Jones debacle, even though he was an innocent party. I hope he gets back into his Q Anon work because he is one of the best Q analysts.

Spaceshot76, Praying Medic and Bruce Figert are my favorites because their videos are usually around 30 minutes. They encourage feedback from their followers, and their analysis of the Q Anon posts is intelligent and insightful. Feedback from followers, and the posts from Anons on the boards, can shed valuable light on the Q Anon material.

Other Q Anon analysts tend to make their videos too long, or they just read the posts aloud with no interpretation. The mystery lady from 'You are Free TV' has an astonishingly broad knowledge of politics and world events. She is fascinating to watch, however her videos can be 40-50 minutes long. I enjoy her videos if I have spare time (not often!).

I hope my list is helpful to those of you interested in Q Anon.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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