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Saturday, May 5, 2018

LyraLynn's Vision: Awakening your Personal Virtual Reality

Awakening your Personal Virtual Reality

We open our physical eyes and perhaps we might see to the end of the street, or as far as the mountain vista. But when we close our eyes, we can see infinity.

Most of us navigate life thinking that the “real world” is the one in which we wake, work, maintain. This life is a mundane routine of going through the motions of creating a living and having a life. In this World, taking care of self and others is a full time occupation.

May I humbly offer you a different version of “reality”? A reality that is the most exquisite joy to create? A reality that comforts us and provides all our needs, even those of which we are consciously unaware? I offer you a technique through which you create your very own Personal Virtual Reality, or PVR.

As with all things profound, it is completely and utterly simple. And we, each and every one of us, is innately capable of creating this miracle. We actually did it quite often as children but we either outgrew the habit or were told to outgrow it by a World unaware of the critical importance of our deep and vibrant imaginations.

The focused use of our human imagination is supremely powerful. With our imagination, we engage our “Creator Being” status. We make available to ourselves Worlds within Worlds, Levels upon Levels of conscious Universal Love and Soul Knowledge. And this is just the beginning! Once you create your Personal Virtual Reality, you can create, literally, anything that you can ideate.

There are no limits.


Your incredible imagination will awaken and it will so beautifully surprise you!

So, how do we do this?

It’s super easy! Most of the readers that find their way to my site are already on their path of self re-membering. They are slowing down, going within and becoming more contemplative. These folks are a breath away from this exercise already. Those of you who are currently meditating may have already formed your own PVR by virtue of the honorable time spent sitting. In my daily personal practice, despite constant changes in the format, one thing remains certain…..I will have pure silence and I will have quality time spent in my PVR. This is what works for me to balance and sustain my highest growth. Your practice will also be a highly personal one that reflects your highest aspects of self.

If you decide to explore the adventure of creating your own Personal Virtual Reality, please follow these simple guidelines to begin.

Keep in mind, the more time and energy that one offers to this experience, the more real it will become and the more deeply beneficial to all levels of your life. With loving time spent in either rest mode or creation mode, this personal plane of existence will ultimately take on a life of its own, bringing untold surprises and blessings. I have, on numerous occasions, gone in to visit my PVR and found gifts beyond my imagination! Gifts that, to this day, keep giving and giving such incredible love.

So, here we go!

First, Sit. Make yourself cozy and comfortable.

If you prefer to lay down this is fine, but the author always goes to sleep!

Take several deep breaths, mentally clearing the mind of clutter, chatter. With each breath you exhale, let go of worries and concerns. Allow this to take as long as it takes for you to feel a shift into calm, slow breathing.

Now, just like when you were a child, think of a special place. A place that suits your Heart and Soul perfectly. It may be a natural scene, for others a starship, for others still, a sweat lodge. Keeping in mind that there are no rules here, please let your imagination roll as you ideate a personal sanctuary so incredibly sweet that you will look forward to spending time there every day.

Once you have envisioned a place, bring in all the bounty that you wish! A hammock on the beach? A lakefront campfire? An underwater Palace? There are no limits here.

Decide what type of space you wish to create and then just sit there and build it in any manner that you deem appropriate. Add any detail that you can think of to make this space your perfect sanctuary. The more time you spend creating it, the more real it becomes and the more it will serve you in return.

When I initially began to create my PVR, I chose to make it a vast field of wildflowers. Windflowers in every direction as far as the eye could see. For me, this was perfect to start. After the “silence” portion of my meditation practice, I would simply shift my focus to the field of flowers. For weeks, I just laid there and looked up at the sky, having conversations with the flowers and with Solaris, our magnificent Sun. The conversations were about whatever I needed, whatever I was ready to know or nothing at all! Some days were more profound than others. Some days, what I required most was just to lay there and allow myself to become mesmerized by the swaying blossoms and scent of the flowers and the warmth of the sun. Enjoying this deeply peaceful retreat offered me blessed respite from the goings on of the outer world.

Our higher self always knows what is best in the moment. Having created this space offered me the most gentle of teachings in the perfect timing of All That Is.

Over time, this space became ablaze with vibrant life and alternate scenarios. Scenarios that were so amazing and different and necessary! My imagination was and still is on fire and I continue to have the most marvelous adventures in this ever-growing, always changing sanctuary.

My sanctuary still offers me new and exciting places to explore. From where do these places come? Who is ideating them if not my conscious self? I pay deep homage to my High Self and High Self Committee for these gifts. And to the Gracious Guides, numerous and varied, in my World. I allow the gifts to flow and flow and give gratitude every single day for this magical space.

Your space, once developed, can be of profound help to you throughout the day. Perhaps you have created a hammock on the beach scenario? Spending time there, you have added all the details necessary to make it as real as can be. You have brought the sound and smell of the salty surf, you have brought the relaxing sounds of the seagulls circling. Perhaps you can feel the sand between your toes as you approach this swaying nest of divine rest?

Once the details are rich, take a 5 minute break from the World, close your eyes and just go there. Go to your sanctuary and let it bring you peace, even if only for one minute.

Know that you have an escape hatch from your “reality.” A door in your beautiful brain/heart that can be opened whenever you wish. The secrets inside this door can be yours and yours alone, a private personal sanctuary. A sanctuary of deep wisdom and knowledge.

Go there and BE there as often as you wish. As often as you can.

In making the effort to do this “work,” you will be greatly rewarded in ways that radiate throughout all aspects of your life, and by Spirit who sees you taking positive strides towards your own enlightenment. With consistent application of this delightful practice, you will not only create a more rich and abundant inner life, your outer world will begin to reflect deeply peaceful changes. Through regular visits to your sanctuary, a change will begin to show in your outer world, making manifest in all areas of your life the peace and prosperity that you feel there – this divine personal space that you have created from your deepest desires.

Your sanctuary. The true home in the center of your heart.

Your Personal Virtual Reality.

May you be blessed beyond measure. Happy Adventures my beautiful friends!

With deep heart love,

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