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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Messiah Udumbara: The Real Reason Blocking the GCR Event

The Real Reason Blocking the GCR Event & More Info

Real Reason: the Aliens living in Western Nations.

If there is only the battle between normal human then there would never the case & there is no way with all kind of military control it would took that long. It is all about the aliens who want to take over Earth working with stupid traitor humans cabal beings.

At Gods level: want all Nations have enough time to prepare and have “fair” starting point in ascension/evolution journey.

Most of currency holders have no clue about Gods who are living in Eastern region.

I am telling you this, if not because of the “mercy” and want the Western Nation have their final chance from very very long time ago to this point, then the GCR would start the 20 years ago already.

Example: If all the “third world countries” close all kind of trading with Western Nations like the North Korea, then where is your foods come from at “cheap” price like that.

The 1 party 1 system like in China, Vietnam, Cuba have nothing to do with the Gods.

Most of these Nations still governed by some stupid Elders & people.

The Global Currency Reset event will go country by country, nation to nation, there won’t be all at once like some rumour-like-real playing from “Asian Elders”.

Some newest GCR intel:

Time: this summer of 2018, after the schools close & studying season end, mostly likely in June, July at last.

Exchange Location: School, Universities, Military, Police Station depend on each Nation.

Rate: Does not matter but the minimum wage between each Nations will within 2 times range.

Zimbabwe Money Exchange: no comment because I already talked about that subject too much already.

This is no just only human event, this ascension event will bring a lot of “hidden sacred” information like who the the language creator (which ET races, which being, etc.), and a lot more.

But the most joke kid actions of all must be there is no platform & conversation between all entities involve in the current Earth affair so I cannot be the referee.

Good luck, Have fun.


Messiah Udumbara

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