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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

More Trump Spies -- Trey Gowdy Sessions Treason?

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Steve Webb

More Trump Spies ! Gowdy Sessions Treason! 5-30-2018

CIA, FBI Spied on Trump! Gowdy Treason!?!
Podcast by: Tom Heneghan interviews Stew Webb from Truth Warriors

(Very Enlightening Podcast...Well Worth Listening to! Links Provided Below)

Huge information in today's intelligence briefing with Tom Heneghan. Tom and Stew go for the throat and put out hardcore truth you’ll never hear from controlled opposition who we’ve caught lying and censoring the truth again and again.

Here’s some of the bullet points in the broadcast.

First thing covered was the Trump tweet about deep state cockroach – Jeff Sessions who is a Senior Executive Services (SES) traitor! Trump now knows now Jeff Sessions is a deep state swamp monster sent in by Daddy Bush to cover up crimes! Only a pure demon would stay in the office as attorney general after their boss just told them they are TRASH and regretted picking them!

Here’s the tweet below! I LOVE It ! If Sessions were a man of honor he would resign immediately! But he won’t because he’s been paid to cover up all the crimes!

Tom Heneghan ended with a parting shot "DEMANDING THE RETURN TO Constitutional Law" !

Continue reading & listening at:

The GOOD News IS that Jedi Trump along with the #WhiteHats & the #Alliance are WINNING !

ATTN: #WorldPatriots
REMEMBER ALWAYS: #MSM + #FakeNews + #SpyGate = #BOOM to the #DeepState giving us ALL = #WorldPeace
SEE: Sean Hannity's YouTube Video entitled:

Sally Yates & Clapper ON THE RUN! Subpoenas is About to be Served from 29th May 2018

* Referring to Some 30K Sealed Indictments that are About to be Unsealed!

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