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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Multi-Dimensional Quantum Cosmic Energy Update: May 2018

Multi-Dimensional Quantum Cosmic Energy Update: Massive Re-Gridding Process & Diamond Light Code Detox Continues & May Energies Unleashed (Energy Report/Forecast/Overview)


Source: Awakening to Remembering

Hang on to your hats and let completely go, prepare for the unexpected and anchor anchor anchor these massive light codes within you and flow with me through this Energy Update which launches us into our next huge passageway and collective shift into/through Higher Dimensional NEW Earth/Higher Consciousness Existence...


Stop everything. Stop it all. Bring all to a complete halt within you.... breathe, come to peace inside and open up fully to allow....

Pure Presence.... total consciousness within this moment. Right here. Right now. Let everything else fall away. Hold this SPACE... as LOVE.... hold this SPACE as the purest aspect of WHO YOU TRULY ARE... hold this... don't separate off inside... hold this highest vibrational space... in every moment, every exchange, with every breath... hold it... and just BE.... in this SPACE OF NOTHINGNESS.... hold this... radiate and emanate out. Open your heart more, more and more, until you cannot open your heart any wider... allow yourself to BURST with LOVE... let it bellow out, let it touch all others, let it activate them, let it do the work for you.... you just BE THIS...


Just seeeeeeee. No judgment. No need. No involvement... just BE. Feel the vibration of all, as it float around, swirls around you... inside and out. Observe the Energy of all. Observe your vibration, your thoughts, your feelings, your energy... and what happens when the outside reality becomes your focus, instead of the inside/inner reality that dictates/responds/shows you what you used to fear, what you suppressed, what you didn't want to see... all all of those feelings to emerge, cleanse your body, be completely freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Don't disconnect or separate off... hold it... BE it... allow yourself this GIFT. Elevate and expand your consciousness beyond the physical .... expand expand expand... breathe and expand, out across all dimensions and space-time... floating, free, expansive and pure peace... allow all to fall away, it does not matter here. Allow yourself to REMEMBER... FEEL this fully, completely.... breathe and just BE.... Nothing and everything... all simultaneously.


On a human level, this is true. As your highest aspect of you, your Universal You, Your Cosmic You, Your Multi-Dimensional Ascended You... you are always present within the current moment, fully engaged with every ounce of ENERGY AS LOVE... fully INVESTED in highest consciousness realities and anchoring/integrating magnanimous Light Codes into your/the physical, so the rest is easy, BECAUSE you've taken full RESPONSIBILITY for your own Consciousness, your own ACTIONS and how you show up, how you contribute, how you inner-act, how your FULLY CONSCIOUS YOU is always making a difference, no matter what you "do", because every breath is conscious, so you can "do" anything you desire, because every breath IS IN-SERVICE, so you can inJOY the immensity of all, the brilliance, the magnificence, the magic, the amazingness as it unfolds, occurs, materializes, appears... inside of you, therefore all around you... with your every conscious and fully connected breath. (2222)


This is huge and important, for all of us, individually and collectively, with our BE-LOVE-d Gaia, Universally and Cosmically too.

When I tuned into May's Energies... the response was "BE READY FOR SURPRISES". Be totally open and ready to shift. This has many purposes, mostly because human aspects do not like surprises, because it takes away their CONTROL. When in fact, they never had any. That was an illusion of the ego aspect mind... one that's dissipating, dissolving, collapsing continually, powerfully and "fast". This is because "fast" is a vibration, a SPEED of LIGHT... and "fast" is the perception, because the human aspect lives within the separation/constraints/perceptions of linear time.

For us, through presence, we flow as Love, we flow as Light, fully attuned to the current moment and the ENERGIES that present. We speed up, slow down... IN UNISON, on a COSMIC LEVEL, we expand and stay expanded, we don't close our hearts anymore. Our hearts aligned on a Cosmic Level, the physical no longer dictates... WE DO... as Cosmic Souls/Star BEings/Light BEings in a continually upgrading and recoding physical form. Every moment is INTEGRATION for Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers, so that all can constantly maintain alignment easily... on a SOUL and Galactic Level, observing anything of a lower vibration/unconscious program, we "deal" as all presents. We move through realities differently, because all is SIMULTANEOUS, it takes all of our ENERGY, FULL CONSCIOUSNESS, to maintain INFINITE from within us, to maintain all of the realities in unison, as they all present, as they all become available holographically, within us, all around us... visible by way of our fully open pineal gland giving us full vision of all simultaneously as all presents.


Takes all of our Energy, focus and there can not be one ounce of EGO involved, otherwise what we see/share is tainted, vibrationally, therefore not PURE and not of our own Highest State of Consciousness, that WE have access to.

Existing AS the UNIFIED FIELD of FULL CONSCIOUSNESS is a whole new EXISTENCE and takes every ounce of ENERGY that we HAVE to maintain this highest state all of the time, therefore WE DO NOT GET TO GO BACK AND PLAY in unconscious programs/games. This is a part of the RESPONSIBILITY that we all agreed to as a part of our highest purposes/roles/missions here. It up to each to understand this and step into these roles NOW.

NEW EARTH IS YOU... the grids are inside, the codes, the everything... you have to birth yourself/all anew, you have to tune in, you have to care enough, you have to anchor your own highest aspects of yourselves within you to be able to anchor your highest realities here. You BECOME WE, as you HOLD the PURITY OF LOVE from your CORE and as you dedicate yourself to a whole new EXISTENCE, which will take everything you've got and are... Any "less", means YOU are still running old programs within you/your reality, which are Karmic and not fully conscious yet.

NEW Earth materializes "out there" as you elevate your consciousness to be able to walk in the waking dream state, as you anchor highest light codes and bring your multi-dimensional dream state forth into your own physical here by clearing out that which is not pure and reflecting back your highest dimensional version of you.


that works through every aspect of our bodies, our Multi-Dimensional Earth, every reality and re-codes all through inner-weaving and integration of much higher dimensional Light Codes, where our realities must be brought fully into a much higher state of consciousness too. Each day has "targeted" many different things. These Cosmic Rays/Codes "target" huge collective cleansings, hitting the grids of each's physical body, our earth and atmospherically as well. These do everything, so there's no way for me to write all. I will touch on just a few, writing along the way, sharing as we go, still not covering all, just a small part of this DYNAMIC PROCESS we are all in right now.

January 1, 2018 began a massive gridding and integration of the 2222 Higher Consciousness HUmanity Codes. Along the way, we've integrated more of these, yet now we are in the next DEEP CLEANSING/INTEGRATION PHASE of this.... A massive Gateway completion on May 1st, unfurling us into all new Gateways & Passageways that we are in the midst of still. This re-gridding sets the stage for the next phases...


Human aspects are unaware that their physical bodies serve as the Anchor Points for our NEW EARTH GRIDDING SYSTEM, linked to the grids of the Earth/Gaia, Galactic and Heavens too. The EMBODIMENT OF HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS means a complete re-working of the physical body, therefore the physical reality... The Systems, the InfraStructure, the Codes, the Programs, the Everything of our Existence have to be FULLY AND CONSTANTLY INTEGRATED WITHIN THE/EACH'S PHYSICAL BODY AND HELD BY EACH. Every Star, Planet, the Heavens and yes, even "Hell"... the programs & codes for each held within the physical body and activated by these Cosmic Frequencies/Rays that are off the charts constantly now. These Cosmic Codes go straight to where each program is HOUSED inside of you. That which is unconscious, of the old mentalities and belief systems, representing SEPARATION and DUALITY is ACTIVATED to purify, cleanse, clear..... as these are the DISTORTIONS that created that unconscious everything "out there".

As each EVOLVES AS LIGHT, these are not words we just lightly speak. They are important and have meanings that the unconscious human cannot comprehend. The use of words is flippant and regurgitate, speaking without FEELING THE IMMENSITY of what words actually vibrate at/mean. BEing LOVE is a whole different REALITY, BEing PURE, BEing your highest everything goes beyond your human everything.... It means your ACTIONS and HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE, it means delving sooooooooooooooo deep inside of yourself that nothing is hidden/can hide. It means OWNING EVERYTHING and CHOOSING what is highest aligned and REALIZING that every moment is NEW AWARENESS and that this awareness is your power, this awareness is your knowledge, this awareness is a KEYCODE to shifting the vibration and transforming the ENERGY of your entire life/existence here. BEing Light is an honor, a responsibility and a duty/role we all agreed to "play"/fulfill here. BEing Love is more than words.... it's how you treat yourself, each other and how you show up. It means going the extra mile, stepping into your fears, dissolving the/your old unconscious matrix programs.... YOUR SELF. It means transcending duality, fully from within you, with your every breath... TO LIVE FROM UNITY INSIDE OF YOU and to truly and fully align your entire physical reality with this. ♥


Nothing is linear, so don't get fixated on "dates"... you will feel/experience in your own vibrational reality/location, based upon the physical density/amount of Light your body holds, based upon your own consciousness, based upon how physical or energetic your reality is, based upon your own inner-connection/disconnected state, based upon your ability to observe and consciously tune, based upon how much you hold yourself to fulfilling your highest realities as Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Anchor Points, Stabilizers and Frequency Holders here. The more you fulfill these highest purposes, the more aware you will be. This is because you will realize the IMPORTANCE OF THE BODY/VESSEL YOU OCCUPY and keeping the vibration of it as high as possible, at all times, so it can do the work it needs to do for you/all of us here. ♥

Last weekend (end of April): We went through a deep re-gridding process activation, deep into our grids.... deep on a cellular and molecular level, deeeeeeeeep is an understatement, yet the only word I have to describe how deep these codes work through your/our bodies on a multi-dimensional cosmic level here. We had a huge collective clearing of "Lack of Responsibility" by each, that will play out however is appropriate in each's reality/world. Crystals in our bodies and Star Particles have been off-the-charts daily, which present as itchies, bumps, breakouts when the body goes into a massive/rapid activation of Christed/Crystalline Consciousness and waking up as Star BEings here.

April 30th all calmed and we prepared to shift, cleansing and clearing. It was a very productive day physically, because of linear abilities without the linearity of human programming, yet for many they found themselves dealing with old programs strongly recently again. This is because each was taken deeper into old unconscious programming that was buried deep within and activated with this recent cleanse to clear the body/physical reality so that entire realities could/can vibrationally shift.

May 1st we completing that anchoring in/gateway to open all new ones. We had a massive multi-dimensional expansion occur, which opened up new access, yet for the human became FRENETIC ENERGY, scattering each's consciousness, making all observable that each is not present within their bodies at all.... not present within their realities and "all over the place".... which creates a spiraling affect to occur. We also had a huge blast of Diamond Light Code & Cosmic Rays LAZER through the grids, unanchoring collective energies like aggravation, irritation and more. This occurred two days in a row... to hit deeper programs of "Zero Tolerance" for Unconsciousness (Lack of Integrity, Respect, Love and Responsibility on a Soul Level, which is very different than human ego-level programs). Grid Charging and StarGate alignments began. Deeper into the gridwork we went, working through our immune system, which has multiple purposes in the bigger Cosmic Picture and how all correlates (each's defense mechanisms, emotional/mental/physical toxicity that has to purge, clear, purify, cleanse.

May 3rd we had a repeat of the day prior, more upheaving, unearthing, shaking, stimulating and super charging the/each's grids/gridding systems... with StarGate alignments again. The body clearing huge programming, goes to FLU "symptoms" (I don't often use this word, because it vibrationally speaks to a victim mentality of something "wrong", yet in this moment, is appropriate, so....). This massive detox is working through everything, kind of like a "seek and destroy" mission in the body... where these new codes basically target unconscious programming, break it down, dissolve it and recode that part of the body..... or whole body, dependent on the phase that each is currently in. 2nd Day in Bed... honoring the body and what it needs... high frequency SOULar Winds, charging photons, grids activating/shaking, massive cleansing occurring.... as this is a huge and intricate next phase of this massive re-coding process of our 2222 Higher Consciousness HUmanity Codes we are again in.
Today, May 4th: DIAMOND LIGHT CODE CLEANSE continues from yesterday's blast. Bed all day to integrate again. Full Body re-writes continue, as our Multi-Dimensional Earth prepares to upshift huge on a collective level. After a hugely productive week, I gave my new assistant these days off, knowing we'd be knocked on our butts/down for the count. The earth's regridding process means physical shifting, physical erupting, physical vibrations, physical shifts/changes... as well as for each's earthly being inhabiting our multi-dimensional planet/ship here. StarGates are active, aligning softly, yet continually, lifting all into a much higher frequency, as yesterday did too.

Personal and Mult-Dimensional Stargate Systems and Grids, constantly charging, constantly recoding, all constantly being reworked. As we complete this phase, all new programs will be activated to play "out there", opening up more portals and passageways for each human aspect to travel through, while anchoring more Unity LOVE Consciousness on our Earth.

These Cosmic Codes focus on EVOLVING EACH'S RELATIONSHIPS AND EMOTIONS by awakening all from "lower vibrational" unconscious (Karmic) ones" into much higher Unity Consciousness ones. Constant observation (without judgment) allows each to see when realities are no longer highest aligned/vibrational matches, to work together to bring all into full consciousness or to realize that the reality/relationship is no longer aligned/is not meant to align, which means these "players" are not meant to co-exist within the same physical/virtual reality anymore.... for however long this is... for "time" is not time to us... it's a vibration, so when all is fully aligned, we can come back together again. Sometimes for a brief moment, a few hours, a few days or for longer... Our new realities are very different, as they are us fully INVESTED AS PARTNERS, a Divine Soul Re-Union, an exiting Union of Star BEings, occupying a physical body/form here. There's no attachment, no need, no old unconscious (Karmic) programs playing, as each is fully present, responsible and committed as their own Highest Aspects/Sovereign/Ascended Light BEings here.... coming together to share, create, inspire for all of HUmanity... as a very important part of the Bigger Picture here. ♥

May started off with a BIG BANG, with a powerful cleanse, purification and clearing of the old grids. What comes next will be more aligned realities for all who HOLD THIS as a PRIORITY and maintain full alignment from within.

EACH'S PRIORITIES shall become visible, shall be observed/questioned and SHIFT substantially as we all go. Self-Serving priorities become evident, as the Ego is selfish, living in "self-first survival selfish mode". There is a difference in honoring yourself and what you need to integrate/get your vibration up, so that you can fulfill your/all of our highest purposes/realities here. The ego human will separate off and think of themselves first. The higher self aspect/Ascended Aspect will openly and honestly communicate through love, share and support each other, pull their own weight and each makes up the whole. The contributions of each, the support of each, actually caring about each other in a different way (Soul Level), means considering everyone/each other, not just yourself.... as this is SURVIVAL MODE, a level of Awakening and Physical Body Ascension that each must "graduate" in order to truly fulfill highest Soul purposes together as love here. ♥

Here we consider each other, working from the bigger picture for all at all times. We do not lack for anything, BECAUSE we do not live in lack inside anymore. We live from pure gratitude, appreciation and a deep Sacred Respect for all.... We hold the PUREST FORM OF LOVE from within us and this is how we treat ourselves and all. The only difference is we are not trying to SAVE others from waking up... we are not trying to save them from their Karma or from experiencing the thing that will most open their heart to REMEMBER our existence BEFORE WE FELL FROM CONSCIOUSNESS....

Here we unite.... we come together... we don't separate off from ourselves as PURE SOURCE LIGHT. WE recognize when others hearts are closed (which means their heads/ego's are in charge) and we choose what is acceptable, productive, beneficial and supports the bigger picture and we see what is a distraction, refusing, imposing limiting/linear programmed beliefs and we CHOOSE not to surround ourselves with UNCONSCIOUSNESS anymore. Everything can be brought into FULL CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH LOVE where each is truly and full open to this. Where one is not, this is blatant and loud and we hear energetically, through a Quantum Electromagnetic Energy Field... so we don't need words to tell us what's pure and what is not. We can hear, see, feel this... and this is what tell us everything we need to know, to choose the dimensional timeline we desire to exist in.

May's Energies will be as brutal as one is unconscious or as magnificent as one is conscious. This will continue to be more true as we go. Take great care in what you choose/allow. It dictates your entire experience on a Quantum Vibrational Energetic Level here/now.

I love you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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