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Friday, May 11, 2018

Q Anon: Who is Undermining Q?

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Q Anon post number 1340 links directly to this excellent article about people who appear to be undermining Q, eg Dr Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones at Infowars.

If you follow Q Anon, please take the time to read it. Someone commented below the article, 'Well, well, well...This was just linked by Q. Impressive.' I agree...

I was pleased to see the writer endorsing Jordan Sather's work as a Truth journalist. I have been a fan of Jordan's work from the start - he displays great courage and wisdom for one so young.

Please check out Q Anon post number 1328. I believe my theory that Q+ means President Trump himself wrote the post holds a lot of weight with this particular post...

Finally, I am sure that I wasn't the only Kiwi deeply upset by the news that our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has just donated 5.5 million NZ dollars to Hillary Clinton's Clinton Foundation. Jacinda is due to give birth in June - she seems like a compassionate intelligent woman. Why would she do such a thing?

Then I got to thinking about the Alliance Plan and how something is often the EXACT OPPOSITE to what it appears. The number 5:5 has been directly linked to HRC (Hillary Clinton) in Q Anon posts. Check out post number 854...

'Is the stage set for a drop of HRC +++ + +++++ (raw vid 5:5)'

Isn't it coincidental that the exact amount of money Jacinda has donated is 5.5 million NZ dollars? 5:5? I wonder if President Trump is using Jacinda in a sting operation to bring down Hillary Clinton right in front of our eyes (Five Eyes!). Just a thought.

Q Anon followers say that we'll never know the full story of the brilliant Alliance plan. But isn't it fun to speculate?

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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