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Friday, May 18, 2018

QAnon: 'D5...Fasten Your Seat Belts...'

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Q Anon post number 673 is exciting news!

'God bless The United States of America.

President Trump is alerting us to the huge avalanche (D5) that is about to roar through the hearts and minds of the USA population, and ultimately the rest of the world. President Trump says in a tweet today, 'It's bigger than Watergate...'

The link in Q Anon post 673 goes to a news article with these opening words...

'An imminent Inspector General (IG) report may rule that the FBI and Justice Department broke the law in their handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation'.

This is it! This is the beginning of an avalanche of Truth that will start rolling with immense speed and power, and it will NOT STOP until the cabal is totally wiped out on planet Earth. And it will DEFINITELY happen well before 11th November 2018. That's the date of the big Victory Parade promised by Q Anon/President Trump.

I love Q Anon's sense of humor. Here is the rest of post 673...

'We have reached our cruising altitude of 40,000' long ago. As we prepare to land, please fasten your seat belts and make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position.'

Q Anon has referred to 40,000' in several posts. It relates to the importance of the big picture view of the Alliance Plan. We should always see everything from a much higher, wider perspective. As Q Anon often says, 'Future proves past'.


Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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