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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

QAnon: 'Flood Is Coming'

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Q Anon post number 1434 assures us that 'May Flowers' is completely on track...

"Flood is coming"
Future proves past.

Read the article linked in Q Anon post number 1434. Top USA legal expert Professor Jonathan Turley has applauded President Trump's move to call in Attorney General Huber, calling it 'brilliant'.

When you read the entire article, you can see the brilliance of the Alliance Plan. President Trump cannot lose - he has the cabal firmly in his sights, and the article proves that he has been planning it for MONTHS. In fact, we know the Alliance has been planning these cabal arrests for DECADES.

Q Anon is right: These people are stupid. It seems that the cabal attempted to create a secret communication network using satellites and Chinese cell phones. The Alliance blew up the satellites before they launched and infiltrated the cell phones so that the Alliance could TRACK THE CABAL. It's pure genius.

Q Anon analysts say that Hillary Clinton came to New Zealand to test the new cell phones - and President Trump told our NZ government to assure Hillary that the phones were secure. It seems it may have been the sting operation I was hoping for. Thank goodness!

The GCR intel has gone quiet. It's a good sign. It means everything is humming along perfectly behind the scenes.

'The flood is coming...' Expect to see 'May flowers' (cabal arrests) which paves the way for the safe manifestation of the GCR.

All is well.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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