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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

QAnon Intel: 11th June

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Some Q Anon analysts are discussing a significant date - 11th June - mentioned on Back Channel 17. It is a You Tube channel that was recently taken down. Julian Assange is believed to have run the channel, and he may even be Q Anon.

Here is a video about Back Channel 17 and the date of 11th June...

Q Anon changed the trip code several weeks ago, post number 1419...

Anon: 'You knew when you set that trip that the PAIN would be delivered "-23!!!' More evidence of foreknowledge.'

Q Anon replied:
'I'd watch the news that day.'

At the time of the trip code change, several significant dates were discussed by Q Anon analysts. Only two dates are left now: 31st May and 11th June. The date 31st May would mark the end of Q Anon's 'Ten Days of Darkness' (no posting).

And 11th June is 23 days from when the trip code changed. It is also the date mentioned in the Back Channel video.

There is still plenty to speculate about Q Anon!

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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