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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sandra Walter -- Primary Timelines: The Higher Trajectory of Now

Primary Timelines: The Higher Trajectory of Now

May 3, 2018

Source: Ascension Path

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Transformation is presenting for May, both behind-the-scenes and in our collective experience. It reflects the next-level skill sets revealed last year at this time. The deep experiences with the formless realms, the Cosmic Stargates, the remembering of ancient skills, the Galactic Council shifts … all of these now reveal the fruition of our higher trajectory choices.

Amplification of personal and collective choices are the revelation energies, the photonic autonomy. Embodiment experiences, also based on choice, are revealing the path of Lightbody Ascension. This is a decision at OverSoul level. The pure light of Crystalline Consciousness flowing through the Gateways this month will make those choices clear. Your free will choice to either fear it or align with it will present stronger than ever.

This month reveals conscious and subconscious choices stronger than before: an all-in check point on your Ascension process. The veils will get very thin, especially during the influx of May 15-22, in order to reveal behind-the-scenes activity. As always, this is not about them, this is about all of us. Behind the illusion there are great acts of benevolent transformation occurring. If you are involved in those Council meetings, you understand the delicate balance at hand.

The same delicacy is reflected in our lifestreams; the crystalline frequency demands decentralization of our own consciousness. We see this in the loosening of egoic grip on personal identity, the willingness to unify on behalf of all, and the doors opening to much higher levels of creation. As old systems and realities dissolve, the New presents with wide-open abandon. And the freedom of the New can be overwhelming. Wayshowers are transitioning our services to handle the collective shock of that Freedom. What a wonderful problem to confront this year!

Creations out of alignment become draining or uncomfortable, also a side effect of what is going on behind the scenes (see Crossing the Crystalline Bridges Part One.) The intensity affects all of us, and the influxes this month are reflecting the higher trajectory of freedom. Pray for those in Leadership roles, send them love and grace for benevolent action; the pressure is immense. Every willing awakened being must reject the waiting game programs, in this Now, and move forward with positive creations of service and solutions. It is that easy to support disclosure. Energetic support of the energy of abundance, freedom, new creations, Divine HUman expression assist the Global operation. New creations demand an element of co-creation to support unified transparency and abundance.

Unity Consciousness was always present, it is our natural state. We tear down the self-imposed (Higher Self-imposed) veils, the Light level removes the Planetary and Galactic veils, and Unity/Christ/Crystalline consciousness returns as our consistent reality.

Primary Timeline Amplification: The Higher Trajectory of Now

Primary timelines override lower expressions. Feel into that phrase, meditate on it to see what is occurring: Primary timelines override lower expressions. The quantum is devouring outdated realities. Anything near its frequency gets lifted, absorbed into the higher trajectory. This accelerates everything; our linear experience of time dynamics, revelation of positive shifts behind the scenes, and our ability to embody our multi-dimensional Selves.

This overriding effect dissolves distortions which fed our addiction to separation. Like any recovering addict, we take it moment by moment, making higher choices to free ourselves from limiting conditions. Forgiveness, gratitude, transparency of heart cannot be avoided.

You have to feel it to heal it.

These choice points for change over habit, for Ascension over disempowerment and limitation, become less personal as the shift progresses. Unity consciousness makes us very aware of our oneness, and we find ourselves merging with our OverSoul groups (300,000 – 500,000 incarnates). We begin creating and making choices as one unit, and re-merging with the Creator Source. Within these OverSoul groups are the brighter fractals, the ones reflecting the higher operation of the Primary Timelines, We are accomplishing the same task: raising up the whole group.

We witness this at gatherings and events, which is why participation in person, or online if you cannot travel, is so important this year. Many OverSoul group representatives unify, which effects millions of incarnates, and raises all of those fractals into the higher trajectory. If we continue to show up and infuse the freedom vibration into the collective consciousness, creating higher frequency timelines (more on the New Earth Now experiences next week), the bifurcation will be minimal and brief.

Gateways of May: Here We Glow

The energies this month have a destabilization quality to them. While we do our best to stabilize Gaia and the HUman Heart Grid, we do not want to repress or soften the blow of these cosmic winds and Solar flashes (flashing is constant, tune into it.)

Gaia’s ancient underground structures have been activated, the crystals and aquifers are consistently being attuned by Lightworkers worldwide. Feel free to help. Those benevolent structures planted here by ancient us are currently being networked with the New Earth and Crystalline Grids. This is why the feeling of becoming less physical is so strong; the light flowing out of Gaia herself, our beloved Living Library, is activating next-level light body.

Stability in Unity/Christ consciousness provides the platform for the 5D/7D/9D experience. It stabilizes your DNA, brain and nervous system. This state of crystalline consciousness is your safe haven as the energies destabilize old systems. You may witness this in the mirror; the gaze of your Higher Self is present. Perhaps you witness it in the mirror of another’s eyes. The Presence is here. As One, we support the global merging with the multidimensional Self, Multidimensional Gaia, and becoming the crystalline bridges to the New Earth.

Gatekeeper, Gridworker, Lightworker Focus

In service, we unify our Awakened, Ascending and Starseed collective to amplify Divine LoveLight and Ascension. Here are opportunities presenting for May:

SUNday May 6, 13, 20, 27: Global Unity Meditations focused on Peace and amplifying Primary Timelines. Hearts in Service, please participate. Invite all to the table.

Saturday May 12: Solar and Crystal connection, prep for mid-May influx
Tuesday May 15: New Moon at 4:49AM PDT. Gatekeepers opening for the May shifts
Thursday May 17 – Tuesday May 22 (peak on May 19): Cosmic Stargate alignment; Strong Influx expected
Tuesday May 29: Full Moon 7:20AM PDT

May Online Events with Sandra

Wednesday, May 9: 5pm-7pm PDT: Gridworker Alliance Zoom video conference.
Saturday, May 19: New Earth Now online event with Lauren Galey.
Saturday, May 26: 10am-12noon PDT: New Earth Now: Applying the Creator State online event

Private Sessions with Sandra are available this month. Details on the above connections and events available on the Events Page. Details and reminders are provided in the weekly Newsletter.

Sending all of us Divine Strength and Love to move forward on our Highest, Brightest trajectories of Service to the All. Create the New, right Now.

In Love, Light and Service,

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