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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Simon Parkes: The Mantid Agenda -- May 3, 2018

Published on May 3, 2018

“From the sounds of it, Simon may be mixing my RV results with my video-end postulates/hypothesis where I include information from various reports and accounts that I researched following the RV project results. The YouTube video Simon talking about is an automatic reading of an article written by Christine Aprile, a well-known intuitive tarot reader from Los Angeles, called, Mantis Aliens: The Overseers. I wasn’t aware of the video until someone sent it after Kerry’s interview with Simon, but Aprile’s article is one of the sources that I used to form my concluding thoughts, due to the many striking similarities in her article and the RV data.

The mentioned delineation between “insectoid” & “mantid” is definitely interesting though, as I have never heard of them before. It could certainly be the case, as the RV data never said Mantid by name, but the drawing of the creature looked what I thought was a Mantid. Anything past the RV data, which is clear in the video since I cut away from the RV pages, is just my own personal postulates and analysis.”–BRETT STUART, TECHNICALINTUITION.COM

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