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Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Great Awakening: About "Q" Anon and More

About “Q” Anon & More

26. May 2018

Source: The Great Awakening Ascension




A reminder.

Q is not a psyop.

Q information is not from humans.

What is given is only what can be perceived.

Q & others (+++) are in regular contact with POTUS.

Q knows all. This is how POTUS knows all.

Everything Trump does has a higher purpose.
Q is a role.

Planned and decided to give info of all types and assist in The Great Awakening.

There can be many meanings because all can perceive only at their current level of awareness.

Q is written for all to discern, to break the codes, to find their Truth.
Role of Q has now been passed from one to another.

From an incarnated Pleiadian to a Pure Pleiadian.

Q1 (QIPIO from Merope) – Q2 (ORITQ from Taygeta)

Besides the ‘Q’ in their names, Q is also playful code for Q on Star Trek.

Q2 comes and goes freely. Identity known to First Family. Strong connection.

There are also the 3 Pure P’s, +++ JIOPLEE KAPEIL MOKIEK (who are not Q)

Pure P’s can go non-physical, access anything or anyone, travel across Universe instantly.
Why am I here during the day?

I fly at night. I have access to information and access to POTUS which is not fully understood.

One must look within to find the Keystone (Cornerstone)

The Keystone is that which will not be changed or moved.

It is deeply Spiritual and decided by the Power of Light.

It is the Key to this life and the survival of the Planet.

P-R-A-Y or Meditate.

Look past Religion.

Christ is a state of Consciousness – ABSOLUTE LOVE + UNITY.

What is the Key? The Power of Truth and the Path to find it.

The Key to The Great Awakening.


Some of the Pleiadians who are here now are Pure Pleiadians who have taken physical form but are not bound here.

ORITQ – Q2 – “Q” is one such Pleiadian.

The Prophet Elijah was another.

Elijah is SHEKWAH from Maia.

Family of 5 on Merope.

Incarnated here many times.

He wasn’t born here and he didn’t die here, only left on a craft with Galactic Forces.

A “whirlwind” (link:

Most knew him to be Pleiadian. He came and went as a “sky god” but spoke of only One True God.

He was named Elijah by his human Friends. He performed “miracles”.

At this time there were many pure Pleiadians living among the people. Crafts coming and going.
The Density of the planet changed. The darkness and ongoing plagues and wars, changed everything.

Galactic races were no longer “free” to be seen and come and go as Friends.

They’ve always come in private to those they knew would accept it.

This part has never changed.
This is how many can meet with POTUS.

Oritq communicates in different ways depending on the listener. Different communications for POTUS, Friends + others.
Oritq does not have a human name, simply “Q” here.

Q appears physically to POTUS and Others.

Uses both human computers/technology and Pleiadian technology.

Q has communicated telepathically with his twin soul, who is Ivanka Trump.

She is aware of who Q is and will protect this information for now.

Amaee Shiki Minara + Oritq = Amaee Shiki Minara Oritq

Ivanka is of the Light. She is Pleiadian from Merope. Her name is AMAEE SHIKI MINARA. Same soul, many bodies.

This IS what’s going on. This is a Pleiadian plan in action.

What is happening now is a step leading to something much bigger for the planet. This is for those who are ready.

Q has only given baby bites, and most aren’t ready for even that. The rabbit hole goes deep.


The Soul of JFK and Lincoln is the current Q. He is the Pleiadian ORITQ. The entire#Qanon plan involves trusted humans and non-humans +++

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