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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Thomas Williams Truth, Honor & Integrity Show -- ET Intel for May 10, 2018

ET Intel for May 10, 2018 | Thomas Williams / Truth, Honor & Integrity Show [audio + video]

MAY 14, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Thomas had a fair bit of intel about the terrestrial and extraterrestrial situation this week. I have summarized some of it below the audio link and video for those who have hearing challenges. It’s always better to listen to a discussion for yourself, however.

It seems those running the Secret Space Program (the one represented by Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Dr. Michael Salla and more recently Jordan Sather) are actively trying to escape the quarantine. The other ETs trapped here with the rest of us are fed up, have chosen sides in many cases, and several chose to work with us.

Thomas reported that the SSP factions have decided they are going to build time portals in the mountains of many areas of the planet, such as Hawai’i, Mt. Cook in New Zealand, Kashmir, the Alps, and much of the American Southwest. He also said that will not go well if they attempt it.

In early May there was a meeting with the greys, tall whites, djinn, the aquatic race and the raptors or saurions. They are no longer allowing the SSP access to their underground world and the order is “shoot to kill” if they ignore the Peace Treaty now imposed.

Not all the earthquakes on the planet are naturally-occurring. Some quakes were triggered from below to prevent the dark ones from getting up to no good. We don’t know if the Hawai’ian quakes are natural or not.

The Arcturians are one such race trapped here. They have major access to technology but don’t use it. Their sole purpose for being here is botany research because the Reptilians destroyed their homeland. They turned a wonderfully lush planet into a desert in the blink of an eye. The Reptilians don’t hesitate to use their technology that renders the land a stark desert, and that is why so much of Earth is a desert.

The Alliance is hoping the Arcturians will join them and speed the process of liberation so they can go back to their home sooner and start reseeding. Many would probably be willing to go and assist them in that mission if we can all work together.

We need to eliminate the dark forces once and for all and the ones most closely containing the Reptilian DNA—which is the Rothschilds. Other races need to understand that Humanity is not all like the Draco-Reptilians who rape and plunder at will. It’s all about domination and conquest with them.

We’ve all been trapped in the Draco-Mantid system for a very long time. The Dracos were the muscle, the Mantids, the brains. The Quarantine won’t last forever and the more we work together, the faster we can realize our final freedom.

Hope that helps. ~ BP

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