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Thursday, May 31, 2018

US Troops will be Coming Home

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Right now peace is being negotiated ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Dave from X22 Report summarizes the amazing peace negotiations in Afghanistan, the Middle East and North Korea. You won't see any of this on fake news media...

Dave (at 12'-14'): 'It's all being orchestrated so US troops no longer need to be in these regions. It's already been worked out behind the scenes, just like - wait, wait - North Korea. And we see it happening all at once. That's why November 11th this year will be so important'.

Remember Q Anon has promised a huge Victory Parade on 11th November 2018. As Dave's video indicates, everything is moving smoothly towards that big day. Russia, China and USA are working closely together behind the scenes to bring true peace to planet Earth.

As Dave says, refugees are returning home. When you see refugees returning home, and troops returning home, you know that it's the end of 3D war-mongering. No wonder the cabal is running scared right now.

Dave: 'The Deep State WILL try something. Everything is coming out and they will need a distraction'. The cabal has only limited resources left, but Dave is right: a cornered dying beast will lash out. Stay vigilant.

All is well, dear friends. Where We Go One We Go All. Oh, and still no word from Q Anon, so we can safely assume that everything is peachy behind the scenes!

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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