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Friday, May 11, 2018

(Video) Spaceshot76: Q Anon -- Damning Evidence about Corsi

Source: Dinar Chronicles

In this video Spaceshot76 presents solid evidence that backs the article about Jerome Corsi in my previous post...

I was drawn to Jerome Corsi's material when he first started posting videos. He did set himself up as a Q Anon expert, as Spaceshot76 says. However I soon drifted away from Corsi's material because it was too vague and long-winded. I prefer the succinct work of people like Jordan Sather, Isaac Green and Spaceshot76.

As Spaceshot76 says, 'There ARE no Q experts, there are only Q readers. I am a Q reader.'

I am also a Q reader - I have never set myself up as a 'Q expert'. I am just passing on information about Q Anon that may be of interest to you. As is always the case with DC posts, you are free to read my posts or pass them by.

I will quote Spaceshot76's ending words because they are important:

'Do we care who Q is? I don't care if he is my gas station attendant...Whoever Q is has allowed us to have the platform to reach millions and millions of people and awaken masses all around the world...At last count Q Anon has reached 20 million people and it will get a lot bigger soon.'

Q Anon has reached 20 million people - and the audience is growing exponentially with the explosive information being shared on the Q posts. I think we can safely say that the 'conspiracy theory' concept is now dead and buried.

Spaceshot76 closes with a reassuring reminder about 'May flowers': 'No one is supposed to know the plan but the winning team...We should have serious gratification by the end of May'. Indeed.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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