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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wave Genome: Chromosome Shape and Bioholography by Irene Caesar

Source: Aether Force | by John Echel

According to Caesar "Chromosomes function as a geometrical code in the liquid media of the living cell, according to the law of geometric optics in holograms. Chromosomes transform the liquid media into the crystallized refracted structure aka "wave crystal". Thus the chromosome is a structural code or shape that has a holographic nature allowing for the remote management of biosystems via laser polarised holography".

Caesars work is independent of Gariaev's studies on Linguistic Wave Genetics. You can learn more here:

The services of Wave Genome include a digital pharmacy which can be applied remotely to your digital witness or an agricultural prooject. They also construct tesla psi-generators and vision repair glasses, wearable chips or bio-active water imprinted with your personal hologram.


" In the case of QUANTUM INTERNET, you send your information REMOTELY and WIRELESSLY. At the Institute, the laser reads the feedback from your wave matrix in real time, using your digitised wave matrix on record at the Institute.

According to the holographic principle, the universe is holographic, meaning that it is entirely in its every matrix part. The holographic principle has three important implications:

The first implication of the holographic principle postulates the UNIQUENESS of every wave matrix. If the universe is entirely in its every matrix point, then, every matrix point is not simply different from any other matrix point, but is unique.

The second implication of the holographic principle postulates the NON-LOCALITY of every wave matrix. If the universe is entirely in its every matrix point, then every wave matrix is simultaneously present in the infinite number of dimensions via its tokens. Though there are infinitely many tokens of the same non-local wave matrix, all of them constitute one integrated SYSTEMATIC WHOLE.

The non-local holographic nature of wave matrices also means that the wave matrix has the infinite set of waves, particles and fields within its TORUS — from infinitely micro to infinitely macro dimensions. It is impossible to talk of each individual wave matrix as "a specific frequency". And it is impossible to postulate any "medium" of its existence, like "scalar wave", "aether", "Higgs / boson field", "torsions", "leptons", etc. There is no specific medium for transferring the information.

The third implication of the holographic principle postulates that there is the QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT in the form of the instantaneous transmission of information between all the tokens of the same non-local wave matrix. The signal that records and transmits the ENTANGLED INFORMATION between different wave matrices or between the tokens of the same non-local wave matrix has specific nature. It is HOLOGRAPHIC. Only lasers with internal Kozyrev Mirrors can record and transmit holographic signal, based upon the principles of the polarised refraction holography (described in terms of geometrical optics). Thus, the principle of recording and transmitting the MATRIX SIGNAL is structural, and not medium-based.

Thus, it is possible to remotely and instantaneously transfer some wave information to a man via the entanglement between his body (at one location) and his photograph (at another location), as two tokens of his non-local wave matrix.

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