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Thursday, May 31, 2018

White Hat Paladin Update -- May 29, 2018

Source: Dinar Chronicles

TNFM PATRIOT MESSAGE #20 -Part #1 & Part #2
by Truthnotfictionmatters broadcast

PALADIN, a former forensic banker and a vocal advocate of TRANSPARENCY, (please!) shares his insight into our current state of Change. He is a champion of Legal and Fair Dealing for every party that has ever been held hostage by "The Monetary System" and together with Dr. Steve he is educating the world on our hostage situation AND iimminent release.

In this May 11, 2018 article (link above), Paladin explains why Dr. Michael Herzog should be extradited from Germany for crimes against humanity. Herzog, a co-conspirator with current and former Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries of State, aspiring politicians and the usual suspects in the banking cartel including former Fed Chairmen; knows where the bodies are buried. He's a resource to ten's of trillions (and much, much more) of stolen/hidden dollars held in off ledger accounts. We can expect the upcoming June 11th Q-reported purge of 30,000+ indictments to include Herzog and so many other criminals.

Questions I will like to have answered include:
When this purge begins can we expect the supposedly "frozen" bank accounts for Tier 3 to suddenly be released? It's certain in keeping with the Dinar lore. No RV/GCR until you see mass hysteria, both political and financial sectors. Maybe other areas too.

Will the hidden and "lost" money earned on various trade platforms euro/dollars be confiscated by the New UST (vs the now "disempowered Fed")? We can know there are billions of trillions of both euros and dollars that have dissappeared or been submerged as the case may be. Like the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria will this vast wealth miraculously surface?

Will wethepeople ever know how much - as in the exact amount that has surfaced and where exactly it is held? This is the transparency we seek. We can all agree that if we have all debt immediately wiped and no more taxes then that's a good start. It's just so much more that we're looking for.

Paladin is beating his drums and I hear echoes from every corner of the globe. TRANSPARENCY! No more hidden agendas or hidden theft of our rightful assets. We will have the truth in a language everyone can understand. How awesome is this disclosure? I mean, thank God for our Whit Hats!

Hallelujah and Amen to that!

We Are "The People" and we have each other's backs. :-)

We've got this!

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