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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Anna Von Reitz -- As it Began, So it Ends | So Simple -- Person or People?

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

As it Began, So it Ends.....

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

Back in the 1860's in England, an enigmatic figure played an incalculable role in destroying the lives of millions, if not billions of people. His name name was Benjamin Disraeli.

He was an infamous fop and dandy who became an elder statesmen in Britain, Lord of the Exchequer and Prime Minister. His debates with William Gladstone, his chief adversary, are still studied by those interested in Forensics. Those interested in the history of the modern world will study Disraeli, as I did in college, for other reasons.

The long and the short of it is that after Prince Albert died, Queen Victoria became disconsolate. Like King Solomon she despaired of any greater purpose for human life than the grave and became ensnared in a cynical and destructive frame of mind that meshed well with the wit and guile of a man like Disraeli.

Disraeli approached the Queen with a new scheme (or, to be honest, actually a very, very old scheme) to make money for the Crown and then use the financing to conquer India. It would, if one were cynical enough to do it, solve two problems at once -- the burgeoning economic and political power of the industrial working class, and the crimp in the royal coffers caused by losing the American Revolutionary War and War of 1812.

All you had to do, was "enfranchise" the working class and convince them that the ability to "vote" was a good thing.

They would be too ignorant and lazy to grasp why it was also a supremely bad thing.

While millions of British workers hailed Disraeli's enfranchisement as a step forward for the working class, he cynically and very quietly placed claims upon their names and estates, their lands and small businesses, and began using these formerly private assets as chattel to "hypothecate" debt and finance the Raj -- the vicious British mercenary forces sent to conquer India.

Hypothecation is a quintessentially evil--- and should be illegal ---process of making claims against someone else's property as chattel backing your own debts, without notifying them, and without formally taking title to the property. It's all done under the table, by a process of "debt assumption".

Thus the seizure of private property and the de facto enslavement of British workers via this process of enfranchisement was used to finance the conquest of another people half a world away and the entire Indian Subcontinent was soon under the iron hoof of Crown rule.

That's how the Babylonian Slave System got a new foothold in the modern world and how the current malaise began.

And now we are seeing how it ends.

As has been endlessly repeated, the Territorial and Municipal United States conglomerates have accrued a so-called National Debt of around 21 Trillion Dollars.

At the same time, the Pentagon has "lost" 21 Trillion Dollars.

Let me observe that in a "debt-credit" system, such as the one we have, it is impossible to accrue a debt ---national or otherwise -- because any debt is instantly expunged by a credit. Every single transaction generates an equal and opposite credit.

So when someone advances the idea that a 21 Trillion dollar National Debt exists, one should immediately ask --- what happened to the National Credit?

Now, we know. It was siphoned off and spent by the Pentagon, leaving the hapless American people who earned all that credit in the first place, still holding the bag.

And what was all that money actually used for? To subjugate the entire world, much as India was subjugated a century earlier, to the greed of the Royal Family and all their megalomaniac pals.

The Americans, Aussies, Canadians, Germans, Japanese, and others around the world were all "enfranchised" according to Disraeli's model. A surreptitious "assumed" title was taken against their names and labor and material property. Debt was hypothecated against these private assets. The resulting wealth was spent on expanding "American" military power, howbeit, all this military power was actually under the secretive, surreptitious command of the British Crown.

Because, remember, the British Territorial United States usurped upon our actual Federal Government in the wake of the Civil War and the Brits have been commandeering everything behind the scenes ever since.

It is well past time for these Odious Debts to be recognized for what they are, and for the British Interlopers and their Allies in this criminality, to be removed from our shores.

And you have a simple choice. Either correct the falsified political status records and reclaim your birthright political status, assemble with like-minded people and give face, force, and body to your land and soil jurisdiction counties and States --- or live as slaves of these criminals. Forever.

Their mental and moral illness has reached terminal velocity.

Either put a peaceable and public end to it, or suffer the consequences.

To get started, make your claim to your birthright part of the land jurisdiction record by recording it and re-conveying your Trade Name and all attached Assumed NAMES back to the land and soil of the state where you were born. See Article 928 on my website.

Next, assemble your Counties and your States. Get going by sending an email with your County and State as the subject line to, or by visiting the forums at

Then join the national reconstruction effort and the national teleconference call every Thursday at nine o'clock Eastern Standard Time: 1-712-770- 4160, access code 226823#.

For additional information about the "missing" National Credit that the Pentagon purloined, please see:…/ron-paul-heres-21-trillion-reas…


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

So Simple -- Person or People?

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

I have been carrying on a conversation for many days now with Americans who consider themselves "United States Citizens" yet insist on making references to the federal constitutions.

These references almost always include the word "people" or "people's", such as the "people's right to peacefully assemble" or the "people's right to petition".

The problem is that thanks to deliberate and self-interested falsification of the public records, nearly all of us have been misidentified as "persons", not "people".

Until and unless we all wake up en masse and object, the vermin can get away with this----and it is very profitable for them, so they have no motivation short of law suits and pitchforks to stop making these insane false claims against us and continuing to act in Gross Breach of Trust.

We must all grasp the fact that "United States Citizens" and especially Municipal "citizens of the United States" have NEVER had any recognized guarantees under any of the constitutions----and they still don't.

So, are you operating in the capacity of a Territorial or Municipal United States citizen---- that is, as a "person" merely "residing" here on our shores, obligated to provide us with "essential government services"???

Or are you a native of a sovereign State of the Union, operating in the capacity of a United States National without any obligation of public servitude?

In other words, are you a "person" or one of the "people" of this country?

Bear in mind that PERSONS like "AMY MARIE MARTIN" are foreigners by definition and that they have no constitutional guarantees, can't own land in the actual States, and can't elect anyone to serve their interests in any lawful public election. At most, they can act as shareholders and officers of corporations---- like "The United States of America, Inc." or the "UNITED STATES, INC." and participate as "voters" in elections hosted by "political parties".

Is everyone on the same page? Beginning to see how you've been "impersonated"? And abused?


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