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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Are we Truly Awake?

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Hello family, I’ve noticed that many of us who would identify ourselves as awake may not be.

Does awake mean that we are politically aware of all the corruption, that we know about the cabal and its evil agenda?

Does it mean that we know about the gcr and its purpose? About NESARA? About the galactics and their crucial role?

This is a start for sure but to be truly awake we must understand the concept of oneness and the meaning behind it!

We are all transitioning to being aware of this concept of oneness. To truly awaken we need to lose the sense of separation.

If we are screaming for hanging of the cabal, we aren’t awake, simple. Christ could have summoned legions of angels to defeat his enemies, but instead taught us to forgive. “Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do “(they are only playing parts).

Have we not learned this yet? I know this concept takes a while to fully grasp, that is why I’m writing this post. If we forgive our enemies aren’t we forgiving ourselves? Of course we are. It is much easier if we know our past lives. If we don’t and some don’t even believe in reincarnation, then understanding the simplicity of the concept is nearly impossible. We have played every role by now, some roles many times. We’ve been murdered, and we’ve been murderers. We have an opportunity to forgive ourselves for those deeds, don't we see those murderers need our love. Indeed, they have done unspeakable atrocities, and they should be held accountable, they will be, by the natural laws of the universe. There are those whose role is to bring justice and put an end to this dark agenda, I’m thankful for that. Let them do that without getting involved emotionally with the mob mentality. If we can't forgive, then simply put we’ll need more lessons, we’ll need to be the villain till we grasp this concept.

This has been the story for a long time with very few truly understanding it. Very few can actually do what Christ did. Christ had an advantage, he had already attained Christ consciousness. This allowed him to experience oneness. It wasn’t merely a concept to him but his reality. It isn’t ours yet, but will be any moment now when the time is right. It’s going to change everything. Until then we can practice forgiveness and choosing love in every now moment! This lag time is a special opportunity to move up the ladder! Will we take advantage of it? Can we choose love? Can we see through the illusion?

We can


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