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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Clinton, Rothschild, Banking Elites Child Sex Trafficking Coverup

Clinton, Rothschild, Banking Elites Child Sex Trafficking Coverup

By Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW ret, Author “Twenty Two Faces”

This week a suspected Child Sex Trafficking Camp was discovered near Tucson Arizona, yet Arizona Police, State Patrol and federal agents saw no need to investigate. Over a year ago a Child Trafficking Scandal “Tucson-Gate” was suspected to have linked child trafficking to the Clintons, Tucson Arizona Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and Casa de Los Ninos children’s shelter.

A Veterans group had discovered the Child Trafficking Camp while looking to help homeless vets. They found and photographed evidence of child sex trafficking such as restraints chained to trees and toys next to used condoms. Tuscon legal entities refused to investigate the find, plus the vet group was refused access back to the property. A day later the group was able to video some bulldozers covering up evidence that they had reported to Tucson legal entities - the same who refused to investigate.

Back on Aug. 29 2017 the so-called children’s shelter Casa de Los Ninos closed it’s doors, supposedly because there was no more need for a children’s shelter – but only after the shelter was said to be linked to the Clintons and child trafficking. No need for a shelter? Are you kidding me? That year over 1,700 children remained unaccounted for after the DOJ stripped them from their illegal immigrant parents.

It came as no surprise that authorities covered up the child trafficking ring evidence. Pima County Sheriff was said controlled by the Rothschild-Greensburg Cartel, plus Central Bank Head Bronfman-Rothschild owned Cemex – which get this, owned the Child Sex Trafficking Camp property near Tuscon. Cemex had close ties to the Clinton Foundation and Tuscon Mayor Jonathan Rothschild.

Central Bank Head Bronfman who owned Cemex, had suddenly became head of the Libya Trade Initiative after Clinton/Obama lead an overthrow of Ghadaffi. Cemex had previously partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative, plus the Clinton Foundation were said linked to Haiti missing children. Cemex was under USDOJ investigation, but only for construction of a plant in Columbia.

A Snuff Film showing Hillary Clinton and her top aid Huma Abedin having sex with, torturing and killing a child was said to be on the Dark Web: Sorcha Faal: CIA Director Pompeo Oversees Capture of UN Pedophile by Sorcha Faal of What Does It Mean. On April 18 UN adviser Peter John Dalglish had released this Snuff Film to the Dark Web just prior to his capture in Asia – an arrest that was personally overseen by CIA Director Mike Pompeo at the request of President Trump - another dramatic Pedogate story that never made the Main Stream News.

The Clintons were well known for their child sex trafficking ties to Pedogate and convicted sex predator John Podesta. On April 26 another newsworthy Pedogate story was kept quiet by the media – Clinton friend Epstein’s VIP Pedo list was released by the New York District Court:

(Video) David Zublick -- Court to Release Epstein's VIP Pedo List,

The Mexican connection to the child Sex Trafficking Camp near Tuscon appeared to be Emillano Salinas, the son of the former President of Mexico. Salinas was an ex-member of NXIVM-Hollywood Cartel with sex trafficking ties to Allison Mac.

Hollywood cult leader Keith Rainiere and actress Allison Mack were arrested and charged with branding and sex trafficking women and children last month. They say the Devil was in the details and there were many sordid details to their Hollywood child trafficking ring - especially intel on exploited children - that the mainstream media wouldn’t expose: N.Morgan

It was highly suspected that this Hollywood sex cult was still active today under the leadership of a woman named Clare Bronfman, the heiress of Seagram’s liquor. Bronfman had a long history of serious criminal activities which have never been properly investigated, much less led to convictions, it was said, due to her enormous wealth and extensive connections with many of America’s most powerful individuals, including the Mayor of Tucson Rothschild family.

The ex president of Mexico’s son Emillano Salinas worked for Lizard investments, that was connected to George Soros. On 16 August 2014 a sacrifice of two children on a blood stained altar was interrupted by police and a ITCCS team in an upscale neighborhood in Outremont Montreal Quebec. The Satanic rite was believed organized by George Soros and executives of Sinclair Oil and Cargill Corporation. The children were thought held at McGill University, site of CIA 1940s to 1960s tortuous MKULTRA experiments on children.

This international Child Sex Trafficking and Kidnapping Ring was said to be organized by the Vatican, run by Vatican and Mexican mafias and funded by elites through their illegal use of the global monetary system. Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth and many other elites had been found guilty by the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels for child rape, sex trafficking and holding regular child sacrifices. That’s a few mind boggling stories to be saved for other days, though you could read the background here:

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