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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cops Called on Senator Trying to See Immigrant Detention Center at a Former Walmart

Staff Calls Cops on Senator Trying to See Immigrant Detention Center in Former Walmart [video]

JUNE 5, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The “Wal-Mart mystery” may have more relevant context now. For years we’ve had videos from folks saying the closed Wal-Marts were being repurposed for holding or detention facilities for the patriots; the dissidents. We were told that families would instantly be separated. Even police officers who happened to see inside one store in particular told an independent journalist on the scene that the building had been totally gutted.

Well, Jade Helm came and went and we still have video of Wal-Marts with chainlink enclosures topped with razor wire—apparently sitting vacant. We are pretty sure there are tunnels beneath the facilities, and as one ‘Tuber pointed out, all the Wal-Marts he checked had some sort of pond behind them.

There are high walls enclosing the backs of some stores we saw documented, rail car-style containers, and a curious need for privacy. Or was it safety? Did these Wal-Mart folks have such a strong community spirit they installed razor wire along the roof so the plumbers wouldn’t fall off?

There were suggestions that the security was to prevent the theft of copper from the A/C units, but that seems unlikely.

Some attempted to assuage our suspicious minds with suggestions that some cataclysmic disaster like Yellowstone blowing up or the country splitting asunder from major quakes in the New Madrid fault might require FEMA to house massive numbers of refugees at Wal-Mart stores. They said Wal-Marts are the perfect setup to bring in and store large quantities of emergency food, water and supplies.

To my knowledge no one ever linked Wal-Marts to human trafficking.

This article may provide clues as to the true purpose of several Wal-Marts that closed suddenly for “retrofit” (plumbing repairs, they claimed), and why many of the first ones to go were along the US/Mexican border or not far away.

We now know the Bush gang’s “Texas Rangers” were assisting in border breaches, drugs and trafficking in Texas but back then, “pedogate”, “pedovores” and “organ harvesting” were NOT part of the popular alternative news cycle; train-loads of immigrants from Central and South America had not yet flooded the US, and most of us just weren’t thinking along those lines yet.

Now—particularly after the disgusting accidental discovery near Tucson of the pedocamp this past weekend—more of us have the context for this story. WE knew it wasn’t a mere “conspiracy theory”. We just didn’t have all the facts or the context.

I think we know by now that when there appears to be a great deal of secrecy, they’re up to no good—and We, the People have a right to know what’s unfolding in our communities and our country.

Merkley previously claimed he saw caged children at another Texas detention facility.

During his visit to Brownsville, Texas, Merkley walked up to a former Walmart store that had been converted into a facility run by a nonprofit called Southwest Key, which contracts with the Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement to take care of undocumented children once they arrive in the United States. They are kept there until their next stop, typically to family members inside the United States or in their home country, or foster care.

Senator Merkley (OR) a democrat, may have believed he would find some dirt to attack the Trump administration for their new policies, but he may have had a sincere desire to see for himself if children were being treated humanely. Supposedly this facility was for children separated from their parents.

The closest to this we’ve yet seen was former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura in his visits to “conspiratorial” locations in America that confirmed our suspicions but not the actual purpose. He set the tone. Hopefully more will follow, but they will probably have to deal with press like this from Fox, derailing the exposé. It won’t be easy.

No—children should never be separated from their parents in holding facilities but it’s not about “children sleeping in cages”, it’s about bringing in massive numbers of people for organ harvesting, sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse. It’s about millions of missing children every year.

President Trump has done what he can in a short time to curb illegal immigration and clean up the holding facilities—but are all the facilities known? Do the people trying to protect the immigrants have the whole story? Are they putting trust where it is not deserved? Why the secrecy at this former Wal-Mart? What do they have to hide? Where are the children’s parents?

Who is the contractor, “Southwest Key” REALLY? Is it a matter of the fox guarding the hen house? What’s going on here and other similar facilities? Is it honourable people running them? If so, why call the police? We need transparency, not coverups. There are few less suspicious words to the patriots than, “government contractor”.

If the ones running these facilities are on the NWO payroll, and if they have access to a maze of tunnels what they do will remain a mystery unless there is a full scale investigation and those tunnels are shut down. Is that what all the grinding and groaning is about when folks hear booms and buildings are shaking across the planet? Too many questions… not enough answers and I don’t trust what I’m seeing and hearing where children, immigrants and detention centres are concerned, particularly when admission of a US Senator is barred and logged by the police. ~ BP

Watch: Staff Calls Cops on Senator Trying to See Immigrant Detention Center in Former Walmart

June 4, 2018

(CD) — America’s inhumane immigration system has come under growing scrutiny in recent days after President Donald Trump introduced his new policy of separating migrant children from their families, and when a sitting U.S. senator attempted on Sunday to examine the conditions of one immigrant detention center in Texas—where “hundreds” of children are reportedly being held—facility staff refused to allow him inside and called the police.

“The attorney general’s team and the Office of Refugee Settlement, they don’t want anyone to know what’s going on behind these doors,” Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore) said after arriving at the Brownsville, Texas facility, which is run by the Southwest Key Program (SKP), a “non-profit” government contractor.

Merkley didn’t simply arrive at the facility unannounced. As the Oregon senator explains at the outset of his video of the attempted visit, he contacted federal officials and SKP to request access to the detention center, which is a former Walmart with completely blacked-out windows.

After Merkley repeatedly asked officials at the facility to allow him to speak with a supervisor who could give him a tour, local police arrived and questioned the senator about his attempted entry. When a supervisor did finally emerge, he wouldn’t answer Merkley’s questions or provide any information.

Watch the video here:

Merkley’s effort to tour the secretive detention center comes after newly released documents revealed “pervasive abuse” of immigrants at such facilities during the Obama administration—treatment that has continued under the Trump administration.

“Children should never be ripped from their families and held in secretive detention centers,” Merkley wrote on Twitter late Sunday.

The senator’s effort to shed light on the living conditions of migrant children detained inside a taxpayer-funded detention facility was applauded by immigrant rights advocates, who demanded an end to the Trump administration’s “cruel, inhumane, and disgraceful policy of separating children and babies from their parents.”

Read the rest of the article…

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