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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Craig Sawyer Responds to Psyop Claims

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Craig Sawyer

Friends‼️ Please share these 2 links w/ the mental stragglers & haters who post in ignorance, claiming I somehow "worked for Killary.” Charge them to take this back to their Derp Den of disinformation to enlighten others there:



Thanks for having my six out there‼️🇺🇸


When working in high-threat war zones for private companies serving Dept of State Chief Of Mission High-Threat Mobile Security Operations, you’re usually assigned to geographical regions for your area of responsibility.

As an AIC, or Agent In Charge, you’ll be assigned a large security detail with required assets & have regular DOS Regional Coordinators (RC) (diplomats) to protect on a daily basis. You’ll also have various visiting delegations & political dignitaries who will occasionally fall under your team’s responsibility for protection while visiting your RC for meetings in your region. That’s how it works. Being responsible for security of a high-threat region in a war zone doesn’t mean the AIC sought out a particular crooked politician & applied to personally follow them throughout their lives to defend them because of an infatuation, or any ideological alignment. Now you know. No further excuses for attacking spec ops vets based only upon your own ignorance.

Now, imagine how looney & insulting it is for conspiracy theorists & cowards to continually attack decorated spec ops veterans for their various responsibilities overseas. Shame on those ignorant haters. They should know better, so what’s their REAL motivation for attacking? Ugly indication of who they realy are.

Ignorant criticism from the sidelines is cheap. A life of service, patriotism, positive contribution, sacrifice, & honor is hard.

Keep it straight‼️

For the sane people who actually pay attention, thanks for your continued support‼️

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