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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Cryptic Hints Foretell a Global Event is Imminent

Something Big on the Verge? Cryptic Hints May Foretell a Global Event Imminent [videos]

JUNE 11, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I’ve found a few sources that believe something big is about to break, and it’s sounding like it’s very possible.

We’ve already discussed the crazy meeting agenda the dark was keeping with Bilderberg, G7, and others within 7 days of each other.

The meeting agenda item about the “post-truth world” was most interesting.

There has been mention of possibly waiting until kids are out of school, etc. for “something” to be addressed.

Billy Joyce, at around the 20 minute mark in the following video speaks of a tip he received that Trump was supposed to make a public announcement today, Monday, (one of those 11’s Q has mentioned) about the shadow government.

Obviously Monday has almost gone, but dates are always iffy.

Dave at the X22 report is suggesting something along the same lines: that something big is about to happen and the cabal is expecting it. There seems to be a suggestion that Kim Jong-un is lighthearted and enjoying personal time rather than stewing about his meeting with Trump.

Q mentions the “weather” thing, worldwide, and I don’t think that is literal—although there is a lot of messing about with the weather and a lot of potential big storms possible according to those who watch the weather systems.

On Thursday, Thomas Williams raised the issue of the financial system games, Visa platforms taken down in multiple countries as the cabal attempted to reboot the financial system they have been locked out of, and Thomas made a point of reminding us to keep cash on hand and said it’s our “final warning”. I believe he said that for a specific reason because that’s how Thomas tells us sensitive things without telling us. I hope everyone will heed that.

In addition to the multitude of earthquakes across the planet, there were several in an odd pattern at the same latitude across the US as highlighted by DAHB0077.

The pedophilia headlines continue to roll out and things seem to be coming to a head. Everything is fluid in times of war but be prepared, and stay calm. We may see some ACTION. Planet Earth is rockin’ and we have fires, too? Crazy. ~ BP

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