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Friday, June 1, 2018

Elizabeth Trutwin: The Black Hole Nature of Planet Earth

The Black Hole Nature of Planet Earth by Elizabeth Trutwin


As early as 1992 physicist Nassim Haramein predicted we would find a Black Hole at the center of every Galaxy. According to Hubble Telescope archives in 1997 NASA reported the finding to be true that all Galaxies have a Black Hole at their center. The Unified Physics model of Planetary production shows the center of Earth is also a Black Hole. We do know and have evidence about how this happened. Every Planet is formed after a Star explodes. A Supernova is the explosion of a Star and this happens because the Star has come under tremendous pressure with built up Plasma accretion cooling and becoming like a crust and eventually the Star explodes due to the excessive pressure. It is the largest explosion that takes place in Space. The result is a Black Hole is found in the place where the Star used to be. It is the Black Hole which formed the Star and the Black Hole matter build up which made it explode. Matter forms at the Ergosphere of the Black Hole naturally. After the Star goes Supernova it begins to form itself into a Planet. This change in state from a Star to a Planet is part of the normal life cycle of a Black Hole of this magnitude. An Atom Quantum Black Hole experiences the same life cycle on a smaller scale when it Quantum jumps to a larger shell.

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