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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Europe 2018 -- Babylon Crumbling

Babylon Crumbling – Europe 2018

26 June, 2018

Source: Disclosure News

Babylon Crumbling

By Zero.

In Europe we are witnessing what could be called in the future the final attack on the Cabal. Many of the actors may not realize that they are protagonists, and among these a good portion of the Italian people.

We do not want to go into detailed analysis, we just want to show this image below the site that shows in 2017 who on the Planet are those who export more, estimated in billions of dollars.

The image represents the amount of export with the size of the nation and the color, darker and bigger equal more exports.

The World Top Exporter in 2017

Babylon Crumbling

Leaving aside the complete fiction of the Stock Market and the Public Debt completely in the hands of the Artificial Intelligence, it could noted that Italy has great importance at the Planetary level, for example, Greece, to talk about countries in crisis, is almost irrelevant in terms of export and therefore production of anything.

Starting from the important Italian position, Italy produce everything, it is a country potentially autonomous, we could also say that the history and the Italian culture have a millennial calendar, for better or for worse, something that can not be said of all the others at the top of this export classification, except maybe China.

This summarizes why Greece has disappeared from the news (alternative included) despite the arrival of refugees in high numbers and the harassment suffered by the Greek people while the change taking place in Italy is raising a storm that is wiping out the leaders servants of the Cabal, merkel and macron, whose fate is marked, jail.

The clowns of the MSM and the old politicians are trying in every way to stem the awakening of the Italian people but their battle is already lost, Italy can do well without this Europe, which will no doubt be resetted shortly, how long it will take depends from the Italian people, and in the fall we will see the reset of all the rest leading us to the Event.

Migrant Hotspot

Babylon Crumbling

The Italian People have been tamed for hundreds of years to sneak and be robbed thoroughly, a war of the poor that has allowed the Cabal to maintain power and continue to oppress the people who survived to find the opportunity to sneak in here and there by legitimizing the plan of the Cabal.

Now, for various reasons, this rubbatino circle has broken up, no longer closes and the Italian/Cabal System is rapidly collapsing.

Now it will be up to all the Italian people, with the conquer of the awareness of who it really is, to take that further step forward and definitively demolish the Babylon Crumbling Tower and guide the Liberation of the Planet.

PS. In Italy Cabal equals Freemasonry, the deviated one assures global control, the progressive one is part of the plan of the bad one, perhaps unconsciously, which is even worse.

Have you ever wondered why we have a lot of incompetents who hold important positions, have you ever wondered why you see people handling mountains of money apparently without any reason, in fact, they seem to be imbeciles? They are imbeciles for real, the result of consanguineous marriages.

If you go back into the family tree you find out that they are “earl”, “marquis” … Sometimes they try to refresh the bloodline with someone from the outside but it takes generations to repair the damaged genetic heritage…


I look forward to a great future for America - a future in which our country will match its military strength with our moral restraint, its wealth with our wisdom, its power with our purpose.

John F. Kennedy

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