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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Evidence that the World is Staged

Source: Dinar Chronicles

PROOF that the WORLD is a STAGE !

Read full text of the U.S.-North Korea agreement signed by Trump and Kim

SEE COMMENTS AS SHOW BY Lee Stymie to TellingerTN as shown below:


Lee Stymie Did you Read the date on #3? The date POTUS was in China at the Forbidden City for dinner.

Tellinger TN Please Explain the Significance of this for Others reading this post and your comment/s here Lee Stymie !Manage

Lee Stymie Tellinger TN The document they just signed on #3, if you blow it up or look at it on has the date of April 27, 2018. NOT June 12th.

April was when POTUS was on his Asian tour. April 27th he was having dinner in the Forbidden City, which reporters were not allowed. POTUS met with Kim then. And worked out the details on Freeing Kim and the country from the CIA, who was Really the ones running NOKO.

They are now gone. Kim signaled this in 2 pictures. First picture was with the SoNO diplomats went to NOKO. Large painting behind the group was a setting sun on calm waters and everyone was standing in a straight line. NOT forward to denote power.

Equally​ 2nd picture was of Kim on a mountain top over looking a mountain range. There were chains and poles to keep vehicles from going over the edge. All were secure, except the chain behind Kim was broken in two. Meaning his chains (CIA) were now broken.

Remember it was Kim's sister (NOT really) but MSM reported her as such, that was sitting near VP Pence at the Olympics in Seoul. It was also Kim, who wanted to be involved in the games WITH SOKO as "one team."

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