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Thursday, June 21, 2018

GOP Bill to Make Obama’s DACA Criminals your New Neighbors

GOP Bill Will Make Obama’s DACA Criminals Your New Neighbors

Source: American Liberty Report

The House GOP is determined to commit electoral suicide in 2018 by granting legitimacy to an Obama immigration policy that was clearly unconstitutional from the get-go: The Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Obama declared this major change to immigration law as an election-year incentive for Hispanic voters in 2012. Even as the GOP is prepared to cave in to its big-money donors, by granting amnesty to 770,000 DACA recipients and their relatives, we are learning new damning facts about Obama’s illegal program.

Obama was every bit as slippery when defending DACA as he was with… well, everything else he did for 8 years. He assured the American people that his DACA program would reject anyone with criminal convictions. What Obama did not say was, “We’ll ignore arrest records.”

So, while the government reject 67,000 DACA applicants who had criminal convictions, it granted protected status to 53,000 illegals who had been arrested on criminal charges – but not yet convicted. That’s according to new government data which was just released on Monday, June 18, 2018.

More than 500 of Obama’s so-called Dreamers had been arrested on sex crime charges when they were granted special deferred status. More than 2,000 had been arrested for driving drunk. Ten had been arrested for murder but had not yet gone to trial. 24 illegals were accepted by DACA despite having more than ten arrests on their records. Another 1,200 had been arrested between five and nine times, but due to the snail’s pace of the American court system, they hadn’t been convicted of any crimes at the time of their applications. They’re all still here and the House GOP is preparing to grant them citizenship.

Under the Immigration and Nationality Act – the actual federal law on the books – any alien who commits a serious crime is automatically to be deported. This is for legal immigrants who did not violate the sanctity of America’s borders to come into the country.

If you break the law as an immigrant, your green card is revoked, and you are placed on the slow boat to China (or wherever you came from). Due process works differently when you are not a citizen of our nation. That’s the law.

Obama’s DACA declaration was unconstitutional from the start in the opinion of many legal experts, because an executive order cannot create new laws out of thin air. Shielding illegal aliens from deportation, even after being arrested for major crimes, was clearly a new law that was imposed by Obama’s magic pen. DACA lacked the validity of approval by the people’s representatives in Congress.

Unless the American people speak out loud and clear, the House GOP is about to legitimize Obama’s illegal DACA program. Citizenship and voting rights (as Democrats) will be granted to the 770,000 approved recipients. That includes the 53,000 who had been arrested for serious crimes, plus the additional 8,000 who were arrested for serious crimes after they received Obama’s protected status.

The GOP bill does not end chain migration and in fact, contains a “family unification” clause that will ensure amnesty for the parents of the DACA recipients. If all 770,000 Dreamers get to keep mom and dad in the US, this means amnesty for at least 2.3 million illegal aliens.

The House GOP bill is actually worse than Obama’s DACA executive order. Like Obama’s program, the GOP has decided that it will only focus on excluding those with convictions. If a Dreamer has been arrested for murder, rape or drunk driving, they will get to stay in the US and become citizens on paper.

In a truly bizarre twist, there is one category of Dreamers who will be granted citizenship even if they have been convicted of one specific crime: Human smuggling.

As soon as Obama imposed the DACA program six years ago, drug cartels began specifically seeking out illegals who had signed up for the program and began recruiting them to work as coyotes, smuggling more illegals across the border.

The Washington Times has identified at least three DACA Dreamers who have been convicted of human smuggling – one in San Diego, one in Arizona and one in Texas. All three were convicted of working with drug cartels to sneak more Mexicans across our southern border. All three will become US citizens if the fraudulent DACA program is legitimized by Congress. Enjoy your new neighbors, America!

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