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Friday, June 1, 2018

Is Alliance Insider EyeTheSpy 'Fake'?

Source: Dinar Chronicles

There is discussion in the Truth community about the authenticity of EyeTheSpy. Some 'Truthers' are posting videos saying that EyeTheSpy is 'fake'. They are urging their viewers not to read anything he writes on Twitter.

Hmmm. That sounds suspiciously like the same kind of censorship indulged in by the giant media corporations eg taking down Truther You Tube channels, canceling Rosanne Barr's TV show.

EyeTheSpy makes it clear that it's his PERSONAL Twitter account. He doesn't claim to be Q - in fact he emphasizes that Q is way out of his security clearance league. EyeTheSpy says that he is a Q admirer, like the rest of us, and while he works (maybe) at the National Security Agency, he certainly does not have the the ear of Q.

We need to be discerning at this late stage of the game. It is up to each of us to finely tune our BS monitor. We need to instinctively know how we feel about EVERYTHING as we read articles and watch videos.

I still follow my time-honored method for discerning what resonates with me: Does it make my heart sink or sing? Also, we have so little time left now for proof, so we will ALL know the Truth VERY SOON.

Meanwhile, remember to sit back with your big bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show. All is well.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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