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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Kabamur: Darkness will Come to Light

~The Great Awakening~

Darkness will come to light

The Great Awakening KABAMUR - @kabamur_taygeta

8. May 2018




Darkness will come to LIGHT.

Trust POTUS– Trust Q – Trust the Plan:
This is about more than politics.

Sick people.

The circle of trust is broken. Anything could happen.

Robert Mueller actually wants to take down Hillary, Obama and others.

He is not a good person though.

Like Comey, Mueller pretends to be innocent to save himself. He’s swamp.

There are wheels in motion.

There are still many good people.

TRUST there is a plan.

State of the Union was a turning point.


The most vocal opponents of POTUS in DC are the ones with the most to hide.

DC Circle in which HRC is high priestess. Sacrifice and blood rituals.

Most regular people could not believe the whole truth if they heard it.


On Twitter, @POTUS only goes after the ones he KNOWS are guilty.


James Comey was once a good man.

He became very corrupted in the Hillary probe and began to lie. One lie covered another.

He never liked Trump or trusted him.

He made the decision not to prosecute Hillary before he ever talked to her.

He did not have witnesses present in interviews. No recordings, No swearing under oath. Just lies.
He was not always this way. He crumbled under pressure and was only looking at his career and future.

He blew it all.

He will be known as a liar and crook.


Sometimes good people allow themselves to be used like puppets.

They take the wrong path and eventually it is impossible to turn back.


POTUS knows ALL because his Friends know ALL.

What if audio recordings were released of a meeting between Comey – Hillary where it is proven that they schemed to lie and deceive the American people?

How might they have been made? Friends in high places? +++

They will say POTUS has fabricated them – but many will see.

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