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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Possible Big Intel Drop for June 14-15

Possible Big Intel Drop for June 14-15—Heads Up, America | Net4TruthUSA [video]

JUNE 13, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I haven’t had covfefe with Dave for awhile (Net4ruthUSA), and something told me to have a boo at his channel. Lo and behold, he has some urgent stuff there—and told his subs to subscribe to Urban Moving channel—as I have recommended my readers do.

Dave is a veteran, and he featured a video about Timothy Holmseth being arrested on June 6. Holmseth is a key witness in a major child trafficking court case. If you recall, Timothy Holmseth did a video I shared outing Craig Sawyer this week. Timothy Holmseth is not popular with the Deep State.

Are you connecting the dots, folks?

The newest video from Dave for me delivered a real zinger, and it was so important to get it out that Dave uploaded it it at midnight last night when everyone else in his house was sleeping.

Therefore… I share his message with you as he seems to feel this intel is important to get out due to its time sensitive nature. Many of us have been feeling like something big is about to happen. This is another notification supporting that intuition.

I know… we have been getting messages like this for a long time and nothing happened, but things are a little different now. You can feel it, can’t you? We’ve had many hints that things seem to be lining up. We know that the White Hats are always fluid in their plans to adjust to the actions of the dark, but…

Some day it HAS to happen. Why not now? Are you ready? I’m SO ready.

Dave has three strikes on ThemTube so he must be doing something right. His videos and live streaming are now done on Stoney Stone’s channel. ~ BP

Dave says…

Two days… If intel is correct, the most brilliant troll-job and biggest sting operation will go down two days from now (6/14/18) Break out the popcorn and the brewskies.

USA IN Two days or less until SHTF for real IT IS HERE THANK GOD TO EVERYONE C9 6/13/18

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