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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

QAnon: June 2018 -- A Glorious Month

Source: Dinar Chronicles

It began on May 15 when Uranus went into Taurus

followed by the galactic silver gate opening on May 22

6-3 Q comes out of 10 days of darkness and has only one post until the 10th


6-6 Declaration of freedom for humanity(boom)

6-11 end of an era and beginning of a new era(boom)

6-13 R.V. delayed(missile crises)(boom)

6-14 I.G. Report issued to the public on cabal and beg. of end for deep state/media/hollywood)(boom)

6-15 resolution to missile crises R.V. softly begins

6-18 Quantum computer is turned on

6-20 Final thumbs up from President Trump in Duluth, Mn.

6-21 summer solstice shift in consciousness and anniversary of emergency E.O., Q indicates shift in tactics and to Attack

6-23 evidence of silvergate 23 = 5 and 6 23 2018 = 22 “cleared”

6-28 Q references full moon and undiscovered stars learned

Capricorn Full moon arrival Saturn retrograde effect along with pluto both in Capricorn(major transformation of institutions) the strong willed are the recipients of change with the positive aspect of Uranus, as it sits in Taurus and represents change in finance

This should represent the transition day in this transition year(2018) and month(June)

Lucky 55

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