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Thursday, June 21, 2018

QAnon:'Start Impeachment Proceedings'

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Q Anon posts a tweet from Rep. Matt Gaetz which warns Rod Rosenstein of impending impeachment...

Q Anon post numbers 1579/1580:

'If we were really serious about oversight we'd say
the documents will be present at 10:00am tomorrow, if they're
not, at 10:01am we start the impeachment proceedings
regarding Rod Rosenstein.'
(Matt Gaetz)

As the noose tightens around the cabal (Q Anon uses the word 'noose'), the Q Anon movement is growing exponentially. Several recent Q posts highlight Q Anon's presence at President Trump's recent Duluth Rally - it's exciting to see!

Q Anon Post number 1576 features a tweet from Pam Werner:

'I'm at the Trump Rally in Duluth MN, waiting in a huge room FULL of people waiting to get in, and a guy gets up on a table and starts talking about Q! He starts chanting "Where we go one..." and those of us who know responded loudly, "WE GO ALL!" Many times over and over!...Was so awesome!'

Q Anon replies:

'We hear you Patriots!

An Anon posted Q Anon post number 1577. It features a picture of President Trump at the Duluth rally - he is pointing directly at a woman wearing a tee shirt featuring a large Q in a Stars and Stripes pattern. The Anon says: 'Does it get any more obvious than that...'

Q replies:


And Q Anon post number 1582 features a picture of the same woman at the rally - it's a close up of the big Q symbol on her tee shirt. She is wearing a VIP ID badge.

'Now that's what I call a VIP!'

Most Q Anon commentators now believe Q+ to be President Trump. So we can safely assume that President Trump himself is endorsing the Q tee shirt lady.

If you still have doubts about Q Anon, check out the website It features a collection of proofs about the connection between Q Anon and President Trump.

Keep that popcorn close by - the show is getting more enthralling every day.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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