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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Reader: Extreme Important Reminder

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | by June Ann

Art shown is “3 Fella's” a Digital Photograph


Taking Zeolite is a must these days with all the nano particles we know exist in our air, water and land through chemtrails and more. Remember the speech by Charlie Chaplin? We are not machines, we are human and need a way to rid ourselves of these toxic metals. A regimen of 4 drops of liquid Zeolite in a cool beverage in the morning and the same at nightwill do just that, protect us from the chemtrail and more metals. It acts like a magnet to metals and radiation.


They're pretending 5G is better and don't ever mention that one has the option to turn the WiFi off and use the wired connectivity. ​It's here and​ ​already causing health issues.

I moved to the apartment I had to get hooked up to the internet for the Closed Caption Phone because I am deaf by 90%. That being said, I need a modem in order for the phone to interpret.

Instantly, and I mean instantly, the modem kicked in a 5G that is available on the new modems. Not only that, it kicked in 2.5G as well. Both of them kicked in, so I was getting the frequencies of 5G AND 2.5G. It was a much! I felt it! It was a terrible straining on my entire body, but, especially the chest area! I told the tech that I needed a wired connection, not WiFi. He went into my internet and turned the WiFi off. What a relief! I feel so comfortable. I did a speed test after tech changed it and he stated the performance of the speed test was rare. The internet had a PING of O. It was very smooth and he said and “only saw that 3 times in all his years working”. Better than WiFi!!! They're pretending 5G is better and don't ever mention that one has the option to turn the WiFi off and use the wired connectivity with your modem. I knew about options and asked for the change. They are hoping you don't know about this option, but, now you know.

And so, moral of the story, so to speak is... One can change their internet connection to wired by calling their internet server. There is no need for WiFi​.

Call your internet server to switch from WiFi to wired, no special equipment is needed. You already have the equipment.

Radiation from Cell Phone

Radiation is not only dangerous, but can be downright lethal as it disrupts resonance and interferes with DNA repair. You can find RF meters as well as remediation supplies but you can pretty much be sure your phone is a problem. They emit continuously, even when you're not on a call.

For those who know about the dangers of cell phone frequencies and want to cut down on them, ways one can do that follow. Pay special attention to the last paragraph please.

Taking the battery out or putting it on plane mode does help when not using the phone during the daytime, but, does not disconnect it from the energy source, which is the cell phone tower.

It is suggested for your protection to keep the phone away from the bed at night, but, I have found a better solution.

By putting the phone in a tin container (the kind that Christmas cookies come in) and when you're not using your cell will disconnect and literally kill the connection from the cell phone to the cell phone tower. Dead, until it is removed from the tin. This is using the technology known as the Faraday Cage effect. Blocks the connection to the tower, yes, this is what we need at night so we can sleep in peace.

I hope this these tips aid you in protecting your health.

​We must help each other the best we know how, and, for me it's informing of vital health issues and what measures we can take to take responsibilities for our families and loved ones health. ​So looking forward to us helping each other with our many different gifts we have. Bless us all.

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Visual Artist without Ears, June Ann

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