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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Reader: Haven't you had Enough?

Photo shown is of a celebration I attended at a local church who does outreach services for the working poor and homeless

*** Haven't You Had Enough? ***

It is obvious to a lot of us that we need protection from metals and radiation that are all about us.

We see the chemtrails all the time. We know about the metals in vaccines. We also know about the metals that fall into our foods. We are not machines, we are human and need a way to rid ourselves of these toxic metals. This is perhaps the most important step we can take to protect our humanness, so to speak. Let's claim our human bodies back. I cannot express on paper the the ever so importance of getting rid of these metals.

Haven't you had enough​?

A regimen of 4 sprays of Extra Strength Liquid Zeolite along with 4 drops of liquid zeolite in a cool beverage in the morning and the same at night will do just that, protect us from the chemtrail and more metals. It acts like a MAGNET to the metals and radiation.

Since we live in a world that’s riddled with toxins everywhere we go, zeolite is needed more than ever. Zeolites are the right way to detox. But not any zeolite will do.

Pure Body:

Pure Body Extra Strength:

As of yesterday the city of Atlanta's Fire Dept. accepted 36 images to display in all their stations across the city. This is a great feat, but, I am in need of funds to continue promoting the One Love image which affects all who see it. Please visit the website and consider to fund this cause.

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June Ann

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