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Monday, June 4, 2018

Reader: This is the Real Reason for "Spygate" and/or the So-called Russian Collusion

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Spirit Warrior

...and it's not anything that we've been told...until now. It always goes back to our origins and control over humanity. We are literally a "mixed" race/species. And Putin declared war on the Annunaki a while back. Although bullets might not have been effective against the Annunaki, directed energy weapons (such as scaler waves) were/are....and they are all but wiped off this planet. This is why the deep state is so against the Russians. And why they are in such a panic mode.

Out of all the planets, universes and galaxies...we are definitely not the only species.

The bible talks about the Annunaki. It is a book of information, not meant to be a former of worship. Just like when Jesus (and again, that's probably not even his real name) said, "Cast your net to the right." He was giving instructions on staying in the spiritual and not the physical. He was talking about our "neural" net. Why the right and not the left? Because, the left side of our brand is the physical side and the right side is the spiritual side. It is not good to worship an instruction booklet, especially when it comes from the Annunaki ( Roman gods, Syrian gods, Israeli gods...all religions...etc...they all came via the Annunaki).

When we first detach from our physical bodies, there is a short while that we are in a confused state. During this period we are tempted to go towards "the light". But, we shouldn't do is a trap...a soul/spirit trap.

The continuing of the re-incarnation cycle. Hence, what the bible refers to as "your PLACE (your place, as in...a set/stationary place, that you will not move from) in heaven". We need to be aware and understand the "language".

This is why god is a jealous god...because, he is RA. When we pray to yahweh, we are showing our approval and allegiance to RA. And the benevolent species that are here to help, can't...because we keep praying to RA.

Do we want our sovereignty?

Do we want this planet to finally get cleaned up?

We shouldn't be worshipping the Annunaki...unknowingly of course. But, that is not how it looks to off-planet benevolent species.

This is also, why so many different religions have been keep us from knowing who we truly are. To keep us in war and supplying the Annunaki with malevolent energies and fresh dead bodies. To keep us separated and from coming together. To keep us from achieving peace.

In the bible it says, "When men speak of peace, sudden destruction is near." What it doesn't tell us, is that the Annunaki were referencing their destruction, not ours.

This is also why, the banksters have been given a different set of rules...because, they help the Annunaki with their wars.

And by the way...the Annunaki have lost and have been told to leave this planet. Which is another reason the deep state is in deep doo-doo. And why all the censorship...they know that their "time" draws near.



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