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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Reader: To Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Mussol

I learned from you, when reading your writing, 'Takedown of Israel may be imminent as NATO withdraws protection'.


I believe that while the Arabs, the Muslims, the ISIS fundamentalists, are a danger to Europe, Israel will continue to be protected by Europe and the US. As the gendarme of the region.

I am sending you this text, which deals with the precise, essential nature of the freedom and independence of people, as well as oppressed peoples, who are robbed by the most powerful.

Well, freedom is love. And love is the maximum possible justice. Not the men who say they want to do justice through communism, socialism, fascism, social services, charities, etc. For every practice, noble and good as it may seem, every group carries within itself the germ of corruption.

For a woman who is not clear that freedom -independence- is fundamental for justice, order and respect, there are no evictions, immigrants, refugees from wars. Here is the copy of the letter I sent you. She is also against independence, that is, she is a Spanish centralist nationalist:

'You say to discredit the process towards freedom, that distracts attention to attend social services, the necessary attention to the usual problems, social cuts.

But all this is the result of your commitment to the obvious, and hatred of everything Catalan-maybe it was that as a child you felt rejected because you could not be like the others you had around you.

Let's clarify this: if you and I live together a long time, years, and one day you tell me that you want to separate, what problem will there be in me to forbid this? I can have infinite words, infinite arguments so that you do not go away. But, you say that it is necessary that you leave so that you can function properly. Also, we have fights, we do not trust each other, each one looks towards a different direction. So as there is no freedom there is oppression, hatred, and then the attention and logistics of the house collapses.

However, I speak about how badly the government works and its social cuts, the evil that works in health, ecology, sexist violence, etc.

But, while there is no total freedom, it is necessary that the domestic logistics, couple, family, government, can not work as it should, and everything will be a mess, confusion and chaos.

Do you see it clear, Laura? Freedom is not a whim, it is not a desire of rich or poor. Freedom is the fuel that makes intelligence work, it is what makes us cosmopolitan and not snobbish. With love.'

* Continuation of the writing with Laura:

First of all, I apologize for the delay in answering you. Well, I had not seen your answer that was below my writing that you received.

Questions: 'What makes you think that a Catalan State will be more effective against sexist violence (for example) than the Spanish State? I would sincerely like you to explain it to me.'

Answer: I already explained it to you in the letter you received: as long as there is an imposition of one against the other, things will not go well, because there will be disorder and confusion, lack of respect, grievances. And for that reason, as with the problems of couples, there is the law and the judge who tries to solve a separation in the best way.

However, as you know, the problem is when one of the couple does not accept the separation. And that is what Spain does, and its central nationalism, when it does not want to know anything when it comes to consulting a referendum with the Catalans whether they want independence or not. Not accepting it, it already means who we are dealing with. That is, following the simile of the couple before the judge that separates them, a part not accept or want to recognize. Truth that seems dangerous, underdeveloped?

Questions: 'When you compare Spain and Catalonia with a partner, it is because you think that Catalonia has only one will, as if it were one person. What are you doing about Catalans who do not want to leave Spain (and we are 50% up or down)? They do not exist? They do not count?'

Answer: It's that you do not get it. Everything that happens to us can be solved without intervening a third party who acts as an authority, or yes. In a democracy, problems are solved through arbitration by an international tribunal or a state. It happens as in the elections that the majority wins. And the loser has to take on the new situation. This is democracy. You do not like?

With love.

The law, like life, is always dangerous. But when the law is in the hands of some fanatics, that is when the real war can come. Not the words and insults. Because the fanatic is mentally ill - whether Islamist, Christian, etc. -.

It is like a blind man, who sees nothing but destruction, to destroy others. To those who only see them as their only enemies, who must be defeated, destroyed, eliminated, killed.


The law that is not given to everyone equally, is not a valid law, because it does not serve its purpose. It is only one law to benefit whoever administers it. So, contrary to the purpose of the law, which is to try to bring order, what generates is more disorder, conflict, confusion, anarchy.

With all the danger that violence grows. And come the mass killings of the war.


That's like a children's story. That is to say, as one of my children has made an outrage, that makes punish the other children, before doing the outrage.

Which means that I am powerless to direct justice among my children. What makes me excuse, of the error, before the punishments to the children who have not yet consummated the outrage, the crime.


The PSOE has always been a Spanish carca, centralist nationalist. They carry it in their blood, as other nationalists carry it, whoever they are. Therefore, he can not be against his nationalism.

Because its affiliates are also all Spanish centralist nationalists. And if he questioned his nationalism, his voters would vote for another Spanish nationalist party.

The problem has arisen, because a fraction of the Spanish centralist nationalism, of ultra right, has made a great pisa. And now the PSOE, is bound to condemn this great pisa-suspend and disable the parliament and the Catalan government in full, locking some of them in prison for now.

Otherwise, it becomes an accomplice of that evil that has made the ultra right, Spanish centralist nationalist.

Copy of a text, which deals with the situation in Catalonia, with respect to Spain.

You have to speak clearly. The problem of Spain and Catalonia is a divorce. In which Spain is the macho, brute, cruel, carca, fascist husband, who does not want to divorce his wife, partner, who is Catalonia, by any means.

Therefore, it is a problem of education, of modernity and cosmopolitanism, of someone who is so unfortunate that he still does not accept the divorce. With all the problems that this entails of repression, mistreatment, aggressions and violations, of brutality, of killing.

Everything else is Chinese tales. As women know, millions of people go through that experience, blacks the freedom of their partners, husbands.

Now, we must know that this refusal to freedom and independence, is because the husband fears something to lose: the benefits, whether economic, sexual, or of any other nature.

For nobody without any selfish benefit, forces another to live with him. In reality, at the root is the animal behavior, of the stronger male that dominates the female, weaker and takes advantage of it.

The tanks of our time are the laws, which are invented by the judges exclusively to safeguard those in power, they command. That is why, when those who rule, the more time they are in power, the more time they have to change the laws. And act as a dictatorship, a tyranny.

Who lies? Who distorts reality? None of you are reliable. Therefore, it is the fools, the fools, whom you deceive.

I send you this writing published in a newspaper commentary.

This anonymous review of many of the topics that have circulated in Spain about the 'Procés'

"Letter from an outraged Spanish

For prudence (and fear) I will not reveal my identity. Only comment that I am a Madrid, proud until recently of my inherent Spanishidad to the condition of citizen of the capital of this country. I practice as a legal professional in one of the most important multinationals in Europe.

My outrage has exploded from very recent evidence, as recent as yesterday. On a stormy night in which I have not been able to sleep, I decided to get up and write this letter to express the reason for this supervening indignation. An overarching indignation that, after careful reflection, is not such: what I write next is the fuze of a bomb with ten reasons in the background that confirm that my indignation, unconsciously, comes from far away. I explain:

The main one, the one that has filled the glass, has been the tortuous manipulation that today all, I repeat, all the newspapers of Madrid, have carried out referring to some explosive statements by Juncker on Euronews. I am bilingual Spanish-English because I studied more than 5 years in London and I have lived abroad more than 10. Junker's statements are posted on the web, on a website that is accessible by anyone with a connection to the network. More than 90% of the Spanish population. And they are not hidden; his statements have thousands and thousands of retweets and likes from innumerable profiles of Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. In them, textually and without any manipulation, Mr. Juncker responds to a question from a youtuber that "The EU would recognize a yes in a referendum of independence in Catalonia". That's what it says, just like that. Well, as I said, all the press in Madrid hides on their covers and their headlines these statements so absolutely relevant. And I say "absolutely relevant" for coming, nothing more and nothing less, of the pressure. And I say "absolutely relevant" to come, nothing more and nothing less, the president of the European Union. And "absolutely relevant" because they will provoke a Copernican turn in the process that takes us to October 1.

Faced with such an outrageous news, I pull the thread of how we could get here. As I said, for ten reasons. Better said, for 10 lies, ten big lies that we've swallowed like a toad. There they go:

1 / They have lied to us, from the State, whatever the color, regarding the independence movement in Catalonia, painting it as a delirium consciously promoted by politicians and bourgeois to cover corruption with the estarry flage. Lie. The independence movement is legitimate because it is promoted by the people, in a transverse and peaceful manner. And Catalan politicians, intelligent, guide that force, do not create it. For anger that gives us.

2 / They have lied to us saying that the Constitution is the guarantor of the unity of Spain. If today the Constitution were voted on as it is written, more than 85% of the population of Catalonia would reject it outright. Neither want monarchy, nor want "indissolubilities" of our nation. It is a lie that the Constitution enjoys the support of 93% of the Catalan population: more than 70% of those who voted for it are dead. And of the remaining 30%, at the time, in 1978, they accepted a text under the military threat of an involution that could have brought us back into the shadow of a velvet dictatorship.

3 / They have lied to us arguing that the State has wanted to negotiate with the Catalans. Neither the PP, nor the PSOE or of course Citizens, more white label of the PP than ever, have made the slightest gesture to negotiate the conditions of a referendum agreed. Have they said with hollow solemnity that they are willing to talk about everything but a referendum that divides? to the Catalans. Lie: in ETA's time the state swelled to say that in the absence of violence, you could talk about everything. It is necessary to be blind and above all blind of sectarianism not to recognize that the separatist movement that began in 2012 by the revocation by the TC of a statute approved by Congress and endorsed by all Catalans, has been what you want less violent. The covers of Madrid, after the dyad of three days ago, drew Spanish, French and European flags being burned. Well, gentlemen: I was in Barcelona that day and the 1,000 things that impressed me and that brought down 90% of my prejudices, one of the most, was the absolute civility of the people. Speaking of pacifism is little. Believe me.

4 / They have lied to us saying that Catalonia in the case of being independent, would wander through the sidereal galaxy. That would be like Cyprus. That Angola would pass his hand over his face. An independent Catalonia, with industry, innovation in abundance, leading universities in southern Europe, with two business schools among the ten most important in the world, would be able to generate a wealth much greater than that obtained by forming part of Spain. It is very easy to understand: the per capita income and the employment rate in Catalonia are much higher than the Spanish average (which includes the Catalan one). And if these two conditions are met, and the quota of "solidarity" that Catalonia pays to Spain for the development of other communities that have never made the slightest effort to develop (and continue to be subsidized), the wealth of Catalonia in terms of GDP, would skyrocket like a rocket. In this case as a sidereal rocket

5 / They have lied to us when from the state they have crushed us with the idea that Catalonia is not a nation. That the only nation is the Spanish and that it has three thousand, two thousand, a thousand or five hundred years together, unique and indivisible as the wind blows. Or according to the statements of different members of the caste of the state and according to these statements have been made before or after a copious meal with plenty of wine and several shots watered. Anyone who has the least curiosity to understand 1% of the history of Catalonia will discover, badly that we regret, that the national reality of this piece of Europe is undeniable. But for this there have been hundreds of Pious Moas and dozens of Vargas Llosas to deny it without argument. With lies and more lies applauded by embrazafarolas like the unpresentables of Marhuenda and Inda.

6 / They have lied to us saying that Catalonia will collapse like a house of cards when its economy becomes independent. Lie. Who is going to fall apart is the Spanish economy. Because the Spanish economy is kidnapped by the BOE and the IBEX companies. Observing which are the most important companies in the Kingdom of Spain is a tragedy, since of the 35 that comprise it, more than 20 depend on the arbitrary decisions that are taken in the box of the Bernabéu and end up being written in laws and regulations in the Bulletin Official of the State. Catalonia has industry, tourism and, surprise yourself, treasures more than 50% of the investment in technology and start-ups throughout the Spanish State. The big lie is not having informed us that, without Catalonia, Spain is going to hell. It's going to fuck, go

7 / They have lied to us when, pompously, from Madrid, a Madrid that, by the way, since the transition has kidnapped and deserted Spain (only the Basque Country, thanks to its special regime that no one disputes - although it is an indirect result of ETA terrorism -, and Catalonia for its stubbornness and tenacity), we have been told, when we have been sold from Madrid that we are the megalopolis of southern Europe thanks to our ingenuity and thanks to the provincialism of Catalonia. Lie. Madrid was big (and if the independence is consummated it will not be again in centuries) thanks to the privileges of being the most centralist capital in the world after Paris. How many ministries, directorates-general, official institutes and other state agencies are outside the capital? I'm telling you, none. Germany, a true federal state, distributes all these institutions between Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne or Munich. Madrid lives as a queen of the bonanzas of the capital and have a million employees with guaranteed payroll (again by the BOE) that fills restaurants and depletes stocks of Rioja wines and good ham dishes.

8 / They have lied to us when they have drawn from the state, from the media, from sectarian pseudo-intellectuals, from gatherings and from Sálvames Deluxe several, that the Catalans are unsupportive. Unsupportive? A little over a week ago, the Ministry of Economy recognized that Catalonia, annually, yields 10,000 million euros of its taxes. 10,000 million !!! Divided by 365 days that has a year, that implies that the Catalans pay us, every day, 27 million euros. This means that every two, Catalonia pays, in full, an airport without any passage, like the one in Castellón. So that the popular leader on duty can take a picture with his grandson "at the airport that your grandfather has made". Fabra dixit.

9 / They have lied to us when they wanted to draw the image of an ethnic independence process, of the interior Catalonia, of Catalonia of the Catalans of 8 Basque surnames (sorry, Catalans). If one is curious to enter a body of the Generalitat called Idescat (is on its website,, you can check that 15 of the 20 most repeated names of the Catalans end with z. With z of Gómez. With z of González. With Rodriguez's z. With z of Hernández. And that the most repeated surname is García, who does not come from Girona precisely. One more lie, and they go 9. The sovereignty process in Catalonia has been led by charnegos, sons of charnegos and grandchildren of charnegos. And I use this unfortunate expression to emphasize that this word is no longer used in Catalonia. Except those from inside and outside, want to divide Catalan society. The Catalan revolution is the revolution of smiles, but, above all, the Garcia revolution.

10 / They have lied to us about what Catalonia would break before Spain. It is a phrase of Aznar, of the pyromaniac Aznar (thank you, with you everything began). But it is a phrase that intellectuals, tertulians, media and even politicians of all bull's skin have made their own. Lie. Catalonia is not going to break down because it is a much more compact, solid, supportive and fraternal society than the extractive society that we represent, whether we like it or not, the inhabitants of the megalopolis of southern Europe. They have lied to us about what Madrid is the most inclusive society in Spain. Madrid is a power vacuum with a centripetal force that has butchered our wonderful country. And that is why our society is much weaker than yours, than the Catalan one. As a manager I am very up to date with the fashions in business management and leadership techniques. One of them, perhaps the one that is most in vogue, is that of empowerment. From the ability to empower people, to empower people to be more effective, more efficient, more creative. In short, better. Well I'm sorry to say, but Catalan society is much more empowered than ours. We are lambs and they lions. And the bastards of power trying to sell us the opposite. How can it be explained except by being lambs that the Popular Party wins the elections with a million cases of corruption behind them?

And after these 10 lies (and 100 more than they would give to write a book), I feel outraged. Deeply outraged. We can not keep our heads under the wing. Catalans can vote and must vote. Because doing it, we will be doing, we Spaniards, a favor. A huge favor If Catalonia leaves, the profound catharsis that our country will suffer will serve as an incentive to start over, erase the innumerable errors of the past and the recent past and, above all, allow us to erase forever the PP and the PSOE and, as the CUP say, send them to the history bin. We will send to the garbage the heirs of a dictatorship that had millions of victims and 0 indicted.

If you have friends in Catalonia, tell them to vote yes. Let them vote for us, the Spaniards."

Written to those who say that you can not make a referendum that is not legal:

How could the Bolshevik revolution have been made, and all the revolutions favorable to the poor, the workers, the oppressed, the exploited, the slaves, the women who wanted to do politics and hold office. If those who opposed said that there were not full democratic guarantees to make those revolutions.

Since when, to make a revolution, permission is sought from those who rule, from authority. If she will never give any permission. Are you sleeping. You live in the country of Alice and the wonders. And, therefore, since you are innocent -or maybe not-, you favor the fachas. What a shame!

Or, it may be, that always inside you have been facha and now in old age as nothing matters, you spend everything, you have removed the mask and you show yourself as you really are: a look that says that is left.

Text for politicians, who are obsessed by their law.

You give a lot of importance to your law. But your law, and that of everyone, is useless, to get to the truth. What is neither to win nor to be defeated.

Remember that the most murderous tyrants, all the evil they did was legal. It was backed by laws, which they invented to be brutal tyrants. Have you already learned what little value the law has?

The Nazis had their law, which made it relentlessly enforceable. Do you want, and your party colleagues - even if you call yourself a socialist - to be like the Nazis? If you do not want it, you will not be like them. You will have compassion and love. Do not be brutal, cruel, corrupt, thief, impose your truth with falsehoods and lies, do not be tyrant with the weakest.

The Nazis were also within the "constitutional context," the "current legal framework." The Nazis also had their laws. Let's see if you are also going through, in brutality, cruelty, lies and falsehoods. The Nazis were convinced that they were doing good, right. The best for all.

Therefore, to know where we are, if we are cruel, tyrants, we must have compassion and love with people. Above all, with the weakest, the least fortunate. Those who support tyrannies, oppressive dictatorships. As if they were not, because those who command more than they, tolerate it, consent.

Twitter: Mussol

Video about the violence against the voters, who were going to exercise their right to vote, in Catalonia-according to the last calculations ten thousand people were affected by cruelty, violence, of diverse consideration-:

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