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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Shadow Super Exopolitical Intel Report -- June 12, 2018

Shadow Super Intel Report

June 12, 2018

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By ShadowSuper

The Alliance were alerted to strange occurrences at Knocknakilla Druid Stone Circle in West County Cork, Ireland.

The Alliance ambushed a number of Cabal foot soldiers and scientists at the site.

A massive shoot out ensued and all the Cabal members except for one scientist were shot dead.

The torso of a Mirader alien was found at the site with the entire lower part of it's body missing.

Upon interrogation, the Cabal scientist revealed they had attempted to merge ancient Irish druidic magic with a CERN portal dimensional machine using the stone circle as a conduit.

This only partially worked according to the scientist.

The scientist revealed the Cabal were in the midst of transporting a Mirader alien via this hybrid portal. The Mirader was half way transported when the CERN machine malfunctioned cutting the Mirader in half and leaving the lower part of its body in the Mirader home world located in the Draco Constellation.

The Alliance arrested the Cabal scientist and removed the Mirader and the CERN portal from the stone circle. The Alliance have warned members throughout Great Britain and Ireland to watch for any suspicious activities around megalithic tombs and stone circles such as Stonehenge, which are scattered around the Celtic countries.

More info as it arrives.

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