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Friday, June 8, 2018

Steve Beckow -- Archangel Michael: Periodic Check-up on President Obama

Periodically I do a check-up on President Obama with our sources.

In my reading with him on June 6, 2018 through Linda Dillon, Archangel Michael confirmed again that the President was not guilty of the crimes he's being accused of.

Steve: There are many who are trying to say that Obama is guilty of the most heinous of crimes but you are saying that he is not.

Archangel Michael: That is correct. Again, it is this human addiction, not only to drama but to fabrication and then of presenting oneself as in the know. Much of these fabrications are simply that.

Steve: I thought that was the case of people trying to make a name for themselves or a niche or something and they are doing it by criticizing Obama. But is it mainly the old cabal that is behind this or lightworkers?

AAM: No, there are lightworkers doing it as well. They believe that the more heinous discoveries that they can expose, the higher their credibility and that is not so.

Steve: Are you okay with me publishing your comments here, about Obama?

AAM: Yes

Steve: Well, that’s very helpful. He’s really being hit. (1)

Let's review some of the other controversies, starting with the fake birth certificate, created by the cabal, not President Obama. The Divine Mother confirmed these facts:

Steve Beckow: Was Barack Obama's birth certificate doctored?

DM: Yes.

SB: So the accusations against Barack Obama that his birth certificate is false, they really do apply to the people who actually doctored the certificate to give rise to these suspicions. Is that true?

DM: That is correct. (2)

Those people were cabal operatives, whose method of operation (MO) is to create a false document and then expose it, as if the person named in the document was responsible for the forgery, when they themselves did it.

And then they kill people associated with it like the director of the Hawaiian state Department of Health. (3)

The same situation applies with the fake Columbia University student card, as Michael tells us.

Steve: Can you explain to me the University student card that said “Foreign Student”?

Archangel Michael: It is made up.

Steve: It is made up, fabricated. Hmmmm.... (4)

And what about the video in which the President is recorded as saying he was born in Kenya?

Steve: I was shocked to see a video in which Pres. Obama seems to admit that he was born in Kenya. Is that an accurate video?

Archangel Michael: That is one of the wizardry videos. So now you’re being able to see the extent to which harm is being done.

Steve: … and all the things that are said about Obama, they are all of a piece?

AAM: That is correct because there is an effort by certain parties who claim to be of the Light and Love, to discredit those who are truly on mission and purpose. It is a distraction and it is to create division and derision within the ranks, as it were.

Steve: Can you give me more details on how that video was created?

AAM: It has been taken from excerpts and simply doctored.

Steve: Aha. I’ll be darned. (5)

The cabal's agents in the CIA, FBI, and elsewhere have means, motive and opportunity to doctor certificates, cards, and videos. Just as they undermined President Obama while he was President, now they blame him for everything back that happened in his presidency, all of which was their own doing.

And now the answer that everyone waits for: Was Barack Obama born in Hawaii or not?

Steve: Was Barack Obama born in Hawaii?

Divine Mother: Yes, that is correct. The difficulty that so many have…. Well, first of all, there has been a great deal of lower-level vibration and interference and sabotage with this information. And that is part of what has led to confusion. Do not buy into that, dear heart.

So, yes, I confirm this, but I also say part of the difficulty that so many have had in pinning down the birth spot of this one is because this one emanates from a very high vibration. (6)

How can we help President Obama, I asked Michael.

Archangel Michael;: Pres. Obama is being helped enormously by his star family, by the Intergalactic Council, and by many on Earth who have never lost their faith in him. So do not worry about him. He is fine.

He does not allow the slings and arrows of disrepute to enter into his inner being. That is how he has survived thus far and it is how he will continue to survive as you both go forward. (7)

Might I ask lightworkers not to jump on the cabal's bandwagon designed to undermine a person who will be a central figure in events moving forward? We have to break our addiction to drama. Why not start with the much-maligned but innocent President?


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(3) HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Loretta Fuddy, director of the state Department of Health was killed in a small plane crash Wednesday afternoon off Kalaupapa, officials say. Eight others survived.

The Cessna Grand Caravan operated by Makani Kai Air reportedly went down at about 3:45 p.m. while heading from Molokai to Oahu. ("Hawaii Health Director dies in Molokai plane crash," Hawaii News Now, 2013, at

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