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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Steve Beckow -- You Can Afford to Take this Personally

"Wake up, William. William, wake up."

Only our beliefs stand between us and world peace….

We have many selves, many “I’s,” selves at all levels.

The self that most of us act from and are familiar with – don’t hit me with a rolling pin for saying it – is the ego, the everyday consciousness, which many of us are still in. Well, I’m in.

It’ll let its grip up a little further down the road, I’m led to believe.

“Ego” in Latin simply means “I.” Just I, the self, the one who’s looking out through these eyes. The ordinary way of thinking, feeling, and being, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I didn’t say dimension. If I was to be as precise as possible I’d say the structure or system of beliefs that we live in … yes. That’s the ego.

Perhaps think of it as a personal assistant/robot who took over the show and whose judgment is a mite impaired, definitely not up to the challenge ahead.

Its programmed database of beliefs in the end determine how things will be for us. (1)

Are you still with me? I know this is a long one. But it’s really important stuff. Please forgive me.

One of the ways the ego is organized is by rigidly-accepted beliefs we call “paradigms.”

The ego in all of us – or most of us – shares a common or paradigmatic belief in scarcity, the need to compete for resources, the notion that we are all alone in a hostile environment, etc.

I’m all alone against this world and there’s only enough food for me and mine. Who will get it – you or me? Grrrrr……..

The world of the ego is, as Werner Erhard has said, a “you or me” world. Us against them. Yer fer me or agin me.

The world our egos constructed brought about World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnamese War and every war since.

War is the logical outcome of the social order that arises when egos are allowed to rule our nations.

We reached the apex of destructiveness in this current generation, which has launched many nuclear missiles at each other which our star family has intercepted and destroyed. (See 2)

The sources on this site (3) say that war will no longer be allowed on Planet Earth. (4) Like so many other things, it’s we that have to wake up out of our belief systems. The world around us is already there.

The natural world has made the change to peace. It’s only we – the human race – who have not. That’s what people mean when they say: “Wake up! Wake up!”

We need to wake up out of a collective dream we’re having that resources are scarce, we must compete for them, and we’re all alone, etc. There’s a short route and a long route. The short route is: Just … wake up!

We’re gradually awakening from the bad dream we’ve been having together that said the world needed to be that way.

It doesn’t and this whole site is testimony to that. Lists and lists of articles on what the real movers and shakers are saying.

I can sum it up. There will be no nuclear war on Earth. There will be no war at all, just a lot of saber ratling.

Gradually – or not, depending on us – things will quiet down. They’ll quiet down faster the more each of us quiets down, however we can, in our own lives. That’s something we can do … quietly. #quietdown.

World, settle down. Everybody, we don’t have to be at each other’s throats any more.

This part of it all we can afford to take personally: I guarantee that the real world as it exists now – the real world, not the world of our collective imagination – is in a state of peace. I bet the farm on it.

That includes civilizations within the Hollow Earth as well as all other kingdoms – all at peace.

They’re just waiting for us to wake up.

“Wake up, William. William, wake up.” (Braveheart.)


(1) We’ve made the ego real because we believe it is real.

Remember that the universe mirrors back to us our beliefs. If we think ourselves a failure, the universe obliges.

The way the universe works is nothing personal. It’s just a feedback loop, there to educate us: The pain we cause others is visited upon us, etc.

(2) I remember one incident myself very well. It happened in June 2008 (I think it was) when a Minuteman was launched from Boseman, Montana , headed north, and never reached its target.

I followed the event in “real time” on Jeff Rense’s site. Was it a TR3-B Aurora? In other words, was it our guys? We all assumed it was….

We never heard who intercepted that missile. But I can bear witness to one nation’s attempt to start World War III that was prevented … by someone we don’t know about.

(3) Those sources have been excerpted from and organized into a database here:

(4) Numerous nations have tried to start World War III for different reasons and have been prevented.

I grew up during the Cold War when paranoia was common. Some people were building air-raid shelters. Others had bomb drills in school.

At that time we were, as a world, anti-this and anti-that, always divided into two or more camps.

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