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Monday, June 25, 2018

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3, Excerpts by Georgeanna De Carlo

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3, Excerpts by Georgeanna De Carlo

Text channeled by Georgeanna De Carlo, edited and posted by Kelly Lapseritis

Introduction and Part 1 of Georgeanna DeCarlo‘s Chapter in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3 (unpublished). Part 2 will be shared in a separate post:

Georgeanna says:

This message began with the intention to provide a brief explanation, an introduction to a message about pain that I’m writing for a chapter in the upcoming, Book Three of The Sasquatch Message for Humanity. However, as has been my experience since re-cognizing my connection with the Sasquatch People, which came after I read The Sasquatch Message for Humanity a couple years ago, and now talking with them regularly, I’ve learned that they will use my daily interactions to jolt a response from my conscious mind and use that response to integrate more information with the conscious mind’s cooperation. And voila! What my conscious mind would say that I cannot do and subsequently try to prevent me from doing, gets done. Truly we are in the midst and thrill of accomplishing an incredible feat to unite our multi-dimensional selves into physicality of these human bodies with conscious awareness.

Most recently, and I think due to the influx of energetic changes, epiphanies occur so quickly that one “Aha!” moment is quickly followed by another, then another. So much so that I was beginning to feel a bit lost with channeling and writing this essay on pain.

Instead of coming about in a brief, clear message as usually happens this felt like it was all over the place. Information has been ongoing now for nearly a week.

As a busy working mom with children and animals to care for, each day brought a new crisis for another member of our household that required my immediate attention and I’d have to put the message aside. I started to wonder if I should just “hole up” somewhere and devote hours to finishing this communication. I also wondered if I should stay offline altogether and free up some more time that way. I’d even considered trashing the whole thing and starting over as I wasn’t even clear anymore on who all I was talking to.

This morning, before I continued, I asked Shanunda, my main Sasquatch guide, to help clear this up for me. With her assistance, all the pieces are finally settling into place and I am seeing the bigger picture of having agreed to tackle such a big subject as pain. Turns out that all of these interactions were necessary during this transmission, even being online.

She really wants people to know that derogatory feelings affiliated with using electronic devices and being online are a product of more ideals intended to induce guilt and shame: pain. When people are going about their activities carrying the intentions of exploration whilst grounding themselves into their sovereign ideals, she said they are free to explore as they wish and that promptings will occur as safeguards. So, tuned into one’s heart keeps one in a balanced state of awareness in now. But as soon as one experiences shame, guilt, embarrassment, frustration, that person is being thrust back into lower dimensions. She said that by asking one’s self who they feel that they’ve fallen short of aiming to please will lead to releasing one’s self from this recurrence by replacing this manipulation to induce stagnation with methodology for fluidity of movement.

These communications with our Sasquatch family fortify unity by banding viewpoints of many experiencers who bring information forward via their unique perspective. We are all working as one. With Shanunda’s compassionate instruction this morning, she’s helped integrate a greater awareness of how this is all connected and relevant especially with transmuting pain. Resolving issues of pain is necessary before universal telepathic communication can be achieved.

Recently my very dear friend and soul sister, Kelly Lapseritis, shared a message that she’d received and recorded for inclusion in this book, Chapter Five channeled by Sa’nah-tah-re’ll. This was an incredible experience as he is someone that I’ve met and talked with. I had felt his presence and wondered if he had a message to share but I didn’t have the opportunity to sit and write, so I just enjoyed his company as I went about my business. When I saw that Kelly transcribed a message from him and another later with him and Kamooh, this brought much revelations and joy to imagine all of these people who I love so much, I hold so dear, all together. It occurred to me that recognizing unity of our efforts we can rest easy knowing that if our schedules become encumbered we needn’t concern ourselves with not doing our part. Frustration and worry are fears of not having enough time to fulfill obligations and are part of the way that pain is used to control humans, an integral concept in the mind control programming harnessing us into these lower dimensions; ie, inclusion of time is what expanded 3D realm experience into Fourth Dimension. Kamooh spoke in depth about this in previous transmissions.

Alternately, the concept to “let it be,” counters mind control programming by recognizing our unity and pushing us out of time/space constraints. So even this experience bears inclusion when considering pain. Such a simple reminder that we are all working as one brings relief, peace of mind, instantaneous joy which propels us into higher state by embracing this awareness.

Another matter I was confused about when channeling this transmission was who I was talking to. Shanunda also helped clear that up this morning. Although she is the one who I am most closely connected to, she also acts as an ambassador herself. Input for this message on pain is coming via a myriad of representatives who wish to share their knowledge, their wisdom and their appreciation for what humanity is experiencing and overcoming. Perhaps their appearance will be an introduction for some.

Shanunda assured me that readers will recognize each contributor by allowing thoughtful interlude to occur while reading, pondering the message and impressed upon me that it is not necessary to credit individual speakers. I recognized the unmistakable presence of Sheshua one day when I was channeling the message on pain, and that’s what made me stop and wonder how I should best proceed; whether I should be crediting a different speaker, etc… Sheshua aka Shenwa, was one of the first to greet me a couple years ago and even allowed me take his picture. He is what some would describe as a “dog man” and provides valuable service here where I live. Another contributor is from what we commonly refer to as the faerie realm. She speaks on how to transmute energy. I shared a message from her months ago about this, too. She does a beautiful job balancing and epitomizes delight with humility. Her name is Esmeralda and she says that people should know that they may ask her for help.

The ideal they’re expressing is to provide assistance, open communication and fortify our soul connection. All would like to “Come out of the shadows,” so to say. Even our own “shadow” selves. Some reunions will be painful. But have courage. We are all capable of healing all traumas or incidents that could impede our growth. So be it, so it is.

I apologize for being so long-winded and I appreciate the reader’s patience to allow full consideration be given to the depth of this transmission.

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This quote is an excerpt from the third book in the “Sasquatch Message to Humanity” series. The entire first two books written by SunBôw) and the third book by various authors are also published and for sale at Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis’ website here:


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