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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Tom Heneghan Update: Hillary Assassinated Stevens

Hillary Assassinated Stevens! Boom! Heneghan Update!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 18:46

Source: Before Its News

Tom Heneghan just put out shocking news in his latest briefing with Stew Heneghan is very worried Trump is being blackmailed to do an interview with Mueller! Don’t do it! ARREST them all!

Hillary Clinton had Ambassador Chris Stevens Assassinated! It wasn’t just her failing to send a rescue team that killed Ambassador Stevens and the other brave men, it was an absolute assassination of Chris Stevens! She gave his exact location to the terrorists because Stevens was going to veto the Turkish arms deal that made the Clinton foundation a lot of money! This can now be proven! Why is she still walking around! Arrest her and begin military tribunals! She spied on America her entire career. She worked with Jonathan Pollard the biggest spy in history who killed dozens of CIA agents while at the Rose Law firm! Nobody even mentions this little tidbit.

Also covered is new information about Rod Rosenstein. His real reason for going to Canada was to cover his butt and make sure all documents from British Intelligence concerning their spying on Donald Trump and the American people were shredded! QAnon mentioned this trip to a “5 Eyes” country in one of their updates! Canada is one of the 5 Eyes countries that cooperates on all manner of spying. The 5 Eyes countries are the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. They have a spying alliance.

Trump’s Birthday is Thursday June 14th! Wouldn’t it be great if he fired that traitor Rod Rosenstein (tribalist) and Robert Mueller on his birthday or at least sent in the Marines to get the documents Rosenstein won’t produce! Oh and I think it’s great the IG report comes out on his birthday too! We’ll now see if the inspector general is going to end up in handcuffs too I guess.

Sean Hannity had on many guests tonight that basically begged Trump to demand the documents right now! No doubt Trump saw this. Therefore the ONLY reason we won’t see him do this very soon would be if the is being blackmailed. Tom thinks he is being blackmailed as these monsters do it to everybody. Let’s all pray we see some type of justcie soon or that Trump finally realizes military tribunals are the only way to deal with treason. Every judge appointed by a Bush, Clinton or Obama must be fired because all were criminals or illegal Presidents.

Now Mueller is in a panic because the Russian company he tried to indict is fighting back and wants evidence! He never thought in a million years the Russians would call his bluff! Mueller has no idea what’s coming! Super spy Otis Johnson told Stew before he died that the white hats were going to give Mueller one chance to do the right thing or be put in a jail cell! He promised Stew that Robert Mueller would have handcuffs put on him if he didn’t do as he was told and tried to play games! It’s time to bring out the handcuffs Mr. President!

Keep spreading the truth patriots! Tweet Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump and tell him it’s time to use the Abraham Lincoln Option of military tribunals on Mueller and Rosenstein! We have them on 9/11 coverup, Uranium One coverup and many other huge crimes of treason! Begin the Military Tribunals – these men are traitors! Under no circumstances do an interview with the deep state monster Mueller! It’s a TRAP!

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