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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Truth Media has Gone Rogue on Operation: Backyard Brawl

‘Truth Media’ Gone Rogue on Operation: Backyard Brawl & Operation: Child Shield—All Real & In Progress in Tucson [videos]

JUNE 13, 2018

I knew there was an agenda to discredit the Veterans On Patrol (VOP) and Operation: Backyard Brawl but my jaw dropped yesterday after watching a number of videos and seeing the disinfo agents hard at work on ThemTube so I am going to lay it out plainly for those who don’t want to do any research and prefer to hang out in a vaping parlour chat and have someone tell them what to think.

Sorry, my friends, but human trafficking is horrendous problem and there are “patriots” in the alternative media who are not patriots. Not only are they misleading their subscribers they are asking for donations in exchange for the lies they tell about real patriots who are boots on the ground fighting the dark forces in our world.

After listening to the interview I shared yesterday with Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers and a former Arizona law enforcement officer, Ron Thompson, who speak so highly of VOP and the work they are doing, and learning that the Oathkeepers are there in Tucson supporting the search and investigation mission of Operation: Backyard Brawl, I also learned of a shooting of a border patrol agent.

I also shared that video from Urban Moving about that, and if you watched it, you would know that the shooting was nowhere near any VOP search team and that a cartel member shot and wounded the border patrol agent.

Of course the disinfo shills seized that event to discredit VOP as part of their witch hunt. Unirock channel had a livestream going with this title:

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