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Friday, June 8, 2018

Tucson, Arizona Child Trafficking Updates for June 7

Tucson Child Trafficking Updates for June 7; Wow… [videos]

JUNE 7, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Before I get to the updates from Urban Moving channel, it’s important to note that there is more mud-slinging going on in the YouTube community—this time over the group called Veterans On Patrol, and specifically, the founder, Louis Arthur. This is the spokesman for the group that was searching the desert for homeless veterans and found the first bunker and subsequent suspicious paraphernalia in Tucson.

It’s said that Louis is not himself a veteran, but heads a group that does contain veterans. It’s said he has a criminal record. The latter has been denied by Urban Moving. It’s suggested the group is collecting all kinds of donations of Visa cards, gas cards, etc. from the patriots and must have enough for a year at this point, and using them for themselves.

Personally, I think it’s a dirty way to treat someone who is actually out there in the 100 degree F desert, combing the brush for a week, trying to work with law enforcement, documenting everything via cell phone video, and asking for more patriots to come and assist.

They accidentally fell into this nasty job while on a mission to rescue homeless vets and give them a place to stay. Why on earth would you attack them unless you’re on the side of the enemy?

We must be united in our mission and stop the bickering, squabbling and finger-pointing. Does it really matter that the group didn’t know they had to file with the state and Veterans’ Association to use “veterans” in the name of their group? There are far more important issues at hand. Let’s get it together, people.

According to the video below, there is another particular anonymous person who went to Tucson to help and he’s not been heard from for awhile and they’re hoping he’s okay. It is dangerous down there with the cartels now alerted to all the activity. We know what happens to those who get in the way of the Clinton clan.

There is little cooperation from the Tucson police and fire. Not only was the original site bulldozed, but there have been two fires reported. Were they intentionally set to destroy evidence or were they coincidental? The police and fire department arrived on the scene but the fire department didn’t take action.

All this activity is being shared on YouTube on the Urban Moving channel. I’m not going to share every video, but I’m keeping a close watch on this story.

You can subscribe to the channel at this link if you so desire to be kept abreast.

Don’t miss this update for late June 7, 2018 with information linking the Clintons and Tucson mayor Jonathan Rothschild to Casa de Los Niños (children’s shelter)—another front company for child trafficking.

Of particular note: The first 10 seconds of the video, from the Original QAnon speaking of “Tucson-gate” and Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and child trafficking over one year ago. That means another stunningly accurate prophecy from Cicada 3301—not the current Q.

You don’t have to research anything—use the links provided under the video at YouTube provided by UM who has already done some great research. ~ BP

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