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Monday, June 11, 2018

Tucson Pedogate Update: Disinformation Wars Unfolding

Tucson Pedogate Update; Dis-Info Wars Unfolding [videos]

JUNE 11, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Have you been following this story? If so, you will have seen very convincing attempts to lead us to the conclusion that the VOP situation is bogus, fake, sensationalizing, grandstanding, an attempt to solicit thousands of dollars in donations, etc.

You’ve heard that Lewis Aurther isn’t a veteran, but he never said he was. He just happens to be spearheading this operation comprising others who ARE veterans, to expose the pedophilia because he was already working in the Tucson area to find homeless vets. It was natural for him to dovetail the operation into exploring what they found, and he has the community in Tucson behind him, from what he has said. He is not backing down, slinking away, or making excuses and keeps broadcasting to keep things transparent.

If you’re not too frustrated by the process of looking at the people involved and what they’re doing and who is backing them, it’s fascinating.

Titus Frost was really frustrated after he made a call to Cemex and then Unirock told him the VOP op is a sham and he shouldn’t be treating it like it’s real. Titus took off to Europe for a break and will revisit in ten days, he says. So much drama.

This video from Bill Smith explains some of this from his perspective. He connects a lot of dots so watch even when he seems to have gone off topic.

This is the video Bill speaks of above, if you want to see the whole thing. Do you believe him?

Urban Moving, the ex-Marine, shows us his (redacted) US Marine Intelligence training certificate in the video below and explains more of the dark’s attempts to cover up a long-standing problem near the Mexican border.

He points out that Craig Sawyer works with Alex Jones, was security for the El-ites, (and with John McCain, I’m told). Now Col. Potter is pointing to Craig Sawyer as the last word on this story like there’s no refuting it.

Former Navy SEAL (we’re told), a US Army Lt. Colonel… who can doubt the word of the US military, right?

In a very good video with former Illuminati banker Ronald Bernard that I am going to share by itself on the Captain’s Blog, Ronald tells us there are VERY few Humans who can and do resist the promise of riches and power proffered by the dark to get them to support their agenda to subjugate and eliminate most of Humanity. That must be true for them to have been able to get where they are today. If every Human remained true to our plight, the dark would not have been able to advance as far as they did.

UM also says the cabal shills are under surveillance, that everything they do is watched, and they will be allowed to walk into an ambush.

You gotta know the dark will do anything to smother the pedophilia news and spin it, just as they did with the Pizzagate story in Washington—and look what happened. We had it right all along.

Those who assist in this coverup are going to expose themselves. We may not want to believe they are on the other side, but we have to be able to put our emotions aside and evaluate the information we’re given.

This is do or die time for the cabal. They will do and say ANYTHING to cover up the pedophilia—not that it will do them any good.

Thanks to everyone for sharing so much great information to help us get a handle on what is transpiring. ~ BP

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